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  1. Just to let you know Norfolk Police are blaming your club for the allocation reduction. I received this E-mail from them I am writing in reply to your email to Norfolk Constabulary on 10th February 2012. Your email to us has been recorded by our Professional Standards Department as a Direction & Control complaint. Norfolk Constabulary recognises that decision to reduce the numbers of Leicester City F.C. supporters attending the FA Cup 5th Round match on Saturday 18th February 2012 at Norwich City F.C. would be upsetting to Leicester City supporters. This important factor was taken into consideration by Norfolk Constabulary. The actual decision to reduce the numbers of Leicester City supporters attending this match was made by Norwich City Football Club in conjunction with The Football Association. This decision to reduce the numbers of Away fans was supported by Norfolk Constabulary, based on the grounds that there has been a recent history of significant disorder involving elements of both Norwich City and Leicester City supporters. In reaching this decision Norfolk Constabulary are in no way branding all Leicester City F.C. or Norwich City F.C. as high risk but just a small minority of supporters from both clubs. Norfolk Constabulary acknowledges that the vast majority of Leicester City supporters are bona fide and law abiding people supporting their club. Furthermore Norfolk Constabulary looks forward to welcoming Leicester City supporters to Norwich, who we trust will have an enjoyable visit to the City.
  2. There are quite a few of us with tickets in your end, friends and family who live in Norfolk have helped out with this one. Hopefully they will all keep quiet and no trouble will be caused. Just watch out for people with plasters on their heads as we''ve all had to have ""High Risk" tattooed on our foreheads.
  3. I agree Yellow Blood but some people just can''t help themselves, I expect to see a few ejections from your stands.
  4. I fear for your safety on a train with so many high risk thugs.
  5. [quote user="crabbycanary"][quote user="1964FOX"]Just to let you know despite all the checks more and more of our fans seem to be getting home end tickets. Hopefully they will keep a low profile.[/quote] They WILL be ejected at the first sign of showing their allegiance. We have history this season (Spurs for instance) of away fans getting in the home areas, not being able to keep schtum, and being shown the door. Just saying [/quote] I know, don''t think I could cope myself but if they are good at sitting on their hans for 90 minutes then good luck to them. Would be interesting if we managed to score.
  6. One of our lads said he will wear his Leicester shirt in your end, we have advised him it might not be a sensible thing to do. As you say sit on your hands till the last few minutes. However I do remember our game against Northampton in league 1, when we scored our second half the home end stood upend applauded.....ooops
  7. A lot of our fans are trying to get them in your end so are hoping it goes to general sale but from what you are all saying I doubt it will. However some claim they already have them through family in Norwich so they might be a few of Nigel Pearson''s High Risk Army amongst you.
  8. Just to let you all know our allocation is sold after one hour into day 3 of sales and I guess it only took this long because day 1 and 2 are restricted to those who attended a lot of away games last year. Lots of our fans are unhappy they have missed out but thankfully not blaming your fans on the whole. Hoping for a decent atmosphere and hopefully a few protest banners if we can get them in.
  9. Thanks for the advice I will cover up my colours going into the pub then and unlash them for a good old sing song inside. That''s as long as the cops let us leave the ground once we get dropped off the coach as we''re very dangerous you know.    
  10. Another Leicester fan here. I thought all along it may have something to do with the SAG as it certainly wasn''t going to be our club not accepting 4000 tickets as Ibelieve we would have sold them easily. They are already selling quickly and probably will not even reach members sale let alone general sale. I think the only thing this will have done is cause bad feeling between certain of our fans and probably encourage those looking for trouble who attend matches. I hope everything goes well on the day and you play badly and we paly well and a there is a good atmosphere in the ground. I have my tickets so will be there but a lot of my friends will miss out and I''m sure you would agree that''s unfair. My biggest issue is that once again all our fans have been stereotyped as thugs and hooligans, I thought things had changed but unfortunately they haven''t. Look forward to seeing you all and finally what''s the best away pub near to the ground to go prematch please.    
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