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  1. I have knowledge from a very reliable source that the training sessions are not very good. For me this speaks volumes about our performances on the pitch. The team spirit is gone, you see players arguing more, we have no shape, the subs are uninspiring and the manager stands there with his hands in his pockets clueless about what to do. I think the board will give him until after the stoke game, if we haven''t won by then see you later and the backroom staff too. I really wanted him to do well but he just doesn''t seem to have a clue how to motivate a team that should be mid table in my opinion. P.S Turner is one of the worst players to ever wear the shirt.
  2. I know he wanted to that''s what I said lol! He is amazing end of - FACT!
  3. E-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-o up the football league we go? When we win the title? Was a good song last two seasons but doesn''t really make sense now lol! We not got another one?
  4. No disrespect tubby65 but I probably know John a lot better than you! Spartacus is correct but at the same time Paul lambert was interested, wanted a young up and coming keeper with class and that''s exactly what he is- FACT!
  5. Rumour has it there are no spaces outside old trafford so the ncfc team coach will be parked in each penalty area for both halves on Saturday lol!
  6. 25 years today of supporting norwich and still love them! 3 points on monday would be awesome yellowsssss!!
  7. good player in the champ maybe a bit lightweight for the prem
  8. What about players like nasri and clichy who were already at a high level, playing in the champions league and on a decent wage? Money had to be the main reason
  9. If you were a pro footballer playing for the club you supported as a kid and loved I.e Norwich and earning decent money, if a better team came in with more money would you stay? Personally I would but has loyalty been taken over by the lure of £50-60k plus a week?
  10. I''m going to be optimistic and go for a city 1-0 win with the goal scored in the 2nd half by morrison!
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