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  1. Id bet Norwich staying up that Chris''s dad said that Good dad
  2. [quote user="Superstitious Dave "]I was sitting behind Chris Martins dad at a game away last season and heard him many times say "Chris you''re f*****g s**t"! So even his own dad don''t rate him[/quote] Nine pages of opinions, and his dad hit the nail on the head in one sentence!!
  3. Funny I heard he a coffee person, must be a epic cup off tea
  4. [quote user="ryan1992"]Henry went to New York Red Bulls last year where he is probably on over 100k a match after sponsors etc, why would he come to a side fightin relegation? Put yourself in his shoes, he has no affiliation with NCFC, so the choice is: Play for a team fighting for it''s life, therefore bringing your reputation you still have down a peg IF relegation happens, on a low wage compared to his current income or, live in the big Apple earning millions per season? I know which I''d rather if I didn''t support City![/quote] His nan though init. Cant stop a boy loving his nan
  5. No one is going to say it to you. So don''t get excitied
  6. I was being Sarcy, but seriously his Gran does miss going to his games and shes getting old now
  7. Lamberts not paying for him out of his own pocket
  8. QPR & Spurs Spurs wont happen he is still a Gooner at heart
  9. Just got back to Houston after 3 weeks in London. I work closely with the Dynamos and other youth sports. A lot of talk around the MLS that Thierry Henry wants to come back to the Prem in Jan or next Summer. 3 strongly rumoured names floating about Norwich one of them!!!!!!!.
  10. If Johnson is our most effective player I''m a rapist. He was shit at Chelsea and shit yesterday!!!! Our best signing was Klose he had such a presence out there!!! Our best player yesterday was Wes, if he weren''t then Delia is a Ipswich fan.
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