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  1. [quote user="Charlie Sierra"]Maybe you don''t have such a good view of what goes on from your seat/armchair? [/quote] Haha, no airmchair for me Charlie, no, I''ve been going to Carra Rud since 1987 and have attended well over 500 games over land and sea! No I''m sorry but I just don''t like the way Cody hasn''t been given a fair crack. Fair enough we don''t see what Lambo sees but managers do sometimes get it wrong and I think Lambo may have done so with Cody. Nothing has convinced me that Wilbraham is good enough, the Doncaster game was a fine example of his staticness up front with Holt, the 2 can''t play together, they just don''t get into the right spaces, Holt needs a quick and clever guy alongside him, not some lower league journeyman. Fair enough, Cody has never played at a higher level than the Championship but whenever I''ve seen him play he looks keen as mustard, reminds a bit of Bobby Zamora in his brighton days, raw but raring to go
  2. Cole is a funny one, on his day he''s as good as anyone in England but since Grant took the job at Upton Park he''s never looked the same player as the one Curbisihly and Zola shaped into a powerhouse. On youtube there''s a goal he scored against Wigan which is incredible, also another beauty he netted against Spurs, teeing it up and volleying it in from 20 yards out on the spin! later in the 2009/10 season he just lost it which is a shame as I always thought he''d be a star for England
  3. I think he''s had a raw deal, streets ahead of Wilbraham. I still can''t beleive Wilbraham is in the premier league at 31, it just seems wierd, he didn''t really do anything (1 goal against Leicester) until he got injured and paved the way for Lambo to start with Jackson regularly so he could shut up all the doubters that used to get on his back if he didn''t run through the whole opposing team and score every time he got the ball. Jackson ended up scoring the goal that took us up whilst Aaron ''Pele'' Wilbraham was injured, the best thing he did for the club was get injured, we''d have probably stumbled into the play offs if he stayed fit and who knows what would have happened then? I wish Cody all the best, I hope he smashes a load of goals in this season and the future
  4. In case you haven''t realised Russell ''The Norfolk Cafu'' Martin plays for Scotland. ''If'' big G is hammering in the goals in the premiership then yes but that is a massive if, a Jan Molby''s gut in a City shirt sized if!
  5. Not an England player, I think that is the bottom line here. As we much love Grant Holt, and as the song goes, ''We f**king love Grant Holt!'' deep down we all know that he just isn''t a player that could do a capable job at international level, and anyway, do we want him to? If the ridiculous became reality and our slightly out of shape ex tyre fitter donned an England shirt and resembled a top drawer striker do you think he''d hang around if the inevitable happened and the likes of Bolton, Sunderland, Everton, Newcastle etc would smell a bargain and prize him off of us because I can assure you now that is what would happen. As much as Grant Holt loves it here if he got offered to play for one of the bigger clubs with a contract that set he and his family upfor life he''d take it like you and I would. As for payers picked from lower leagues, Peter Taylor, 3rd division with Palace but picked for England. Paul Merson with Boro in the 1st division, Gascoigne with Boro in the 1st division........
  6. [quote user="Ncfc26"]If Robert Green is so good why has he not been snapped up by a premiership team? OH YEAH BECAUSE HE IS CRAP [/quote] Haha, you should work for a tabloid
  7. I agree, Green should have done better with that goal today but he''s had a shocking defence in front of him for the past 2 years and that can seriously damage a keepers confidence, that considering I think he''s done alright and I bet that within a year or 2 he''ll be talked about as a top quality keeper once more. Premiership sides did bid for Green by the way, they just got turned down
  8. This is a joke right?!!!! First the ''Holt for England'' post and now this!!! I again love Ruddy and hate it when the fans get on his back but bloody hell,England, no way!!! It''s nothing to do with us being unfashionable and everything to do with the fact that he''s barely played any top flight football yet. Joe Hart - England No 1 for the next 10-15 years Robert Green - Still good enough despite what some bitter Canaries might think Ben Foster - Good enough back up since he has revealed he''s up for playing again Scott Carson - Well.....Maybe! Frank Feilding - Involved with the U''21''s and ahead of Ruddy in the pecking order Joe Lewis - Watch this space with our ex academy player Ruddy will never play for England, trust me
  9. I may have commented against Holt playing for England but I''m no binner, I feel it would affect him in a bad way if he got the call, Michael Ricketts anyone? Seriously, I love Big G but even he probably knows he isn''t the kind of player that would cut it at that level, as good as he is for us it just wouldn''t work out in the England shirt, probably to our benefit. Having watched the likes of Drinkell, Sutton, Robins, Iwan and now Holt batter away at defences I''ve watched enough football to know that the big fella isn''t what this country needs, great goal today though!!!
  10. Wilbraham has quadroupled his money since meaving MK Dons, what the hell is he doing in the prem ahead of Cody? Does anyone really think Aaron Wilbraham would have smashed in 24 goals in league 2 last season? No way, Cody would try just as he would too. The reason we went up is partly down to the fact that Aaron ''League One'' Wilbraham got injured thus leaving Lambo no option but to start Jackson
  11. As much as I love Mr Holt he''s not up to that standard. He falls into the ''willing but limited English striker'' category. Grant will run until his lungs stop working, he''ll apply pressure to opposing defenders, he''ll chase lost causes, he''ll do his best to bring team mates into the game, and in the Premiership he might even grab us 10 goals but he''s not anything like what an international striker needs to be. Bothroyd does have that little something about him but even he isn''t up to the level needed, England need to stop handing out caps willy nilly, it''s getting bloody silly (that rhymed!) Michael Ricketts anyone?
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