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  1. That was awful. Truly, truly awful. I don''t remember the last time I saw a Norwich side with less confidence or ideas. Hope the board heard what the fans were chanting and act accordingly.
  2. I''m in Wales for the weekend to see my new in-laws who live in Newport. BBC Radio Wales are reporting that Norwich are set to move for Malky if we get thumped by United today. I don''t believe this however, as I doubt very much that McNally would reveal his plans to a journalist. They also think that West Brom are going to swoop for Malky while we faff around. As I said, all journo hype, but thought I would share
  3. Anyone else think that the Hooper situation quieting down over the last few days has coincided with us in the States? Surely if he was going to QPR (or anywhere else) that would still be happening and we would be hearing about it? I think Hooper will sign once we get back from America. As long as he goes somewhere soon, the whole saga is doing my head in.
  4. everton - win 2-1 hull - win 1-2 saints - draw 1-1 spurs - lose 3-1 villa - win 4-0 stoke - lose 5-0 because they have kidnapped all the Chelsea players for the day.....
  5. oh and the cheeky wink was meant to be at the end of the last sentance, thats not me just being plain rude lol
  6. my point was that I got in last night and wanted to look up a report on the Billericay match, to see how the likes of Drury etc are doing. but then people started goin on bout how it would have been a good chance for Cody to show what he has. How? Against a non-league side? Lambert has made his decision. End off. If we do get relegated and Cody ends up scoring against us at some point then so be it (though if he''s in the champ remains to be seen) A lot of former City players have a tendancy to score against us lol. As I said, I do like Cody but there is no room for him, same as McNamee, so they need to be moved on, and people need to accept that and start focusing on the 25 men we are gonna use. Chelmsford, I disagree about Wilba, I think he''s the better option cos of his hold-up play and in the prem i think we need a 3rd choice target man more than a 4th choice quick striker. Incidently, I had him as 8th choice behind the 6 in the squad, and Oli Johnson, whom I think Lambert would use 1st, however im willing to bump Cody up to 7th choice
  7. I have been reading this site for a couple of years, but have never felt the need to post until now. I am sick of reading on here about this obsession people have with Cody McDonald. Dont get me wrong, I like Cody, Ive met him and he seems like a good chap and I wish him all the best with his future career, but that career is clearly not at Norwich City. Lambert has made his mind up, Cody is 8th choice striker and needs to move on. He is not Premiership level and needs to play at a level that suits him. We prob have room for 6 strikers in the 25 man squad, which will be taken up, rightfully so, by Holt, Vaughn, Morison, Jacko, Wilbrahimovic and Chrissy Martin. Im sorry but Cody is not on a par with any of these 6, so its time to say goodbye. GET OVER IT!!!!
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