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  1. after som thought.......I''m glad we''re out. i''d rather have another season in ''the promised land'' as journalists call it than any sort of cup run
  2. once a binner...always a binner...f**k em. lets concentrate on the pride of east anglia and not these championship inbreds
  3. i''ve just read the article with utter dismay. obviously now we are in the rarified heights of the premier league the club has decided to act against this brewer. NOW why did they not act when we were in league one or the championship?. Maybe because there are so many corporate sponsors in the PL the little man will be seen irrelevant. Keep brewing son, f**k the chemical enhanced ''beer'' companies that flood the PL with their pound notes. For once, NCFC has behaved disgracefully against a local norfolk business.
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