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  1. I agree with everything you said in both posts. I have come to the conclusion, that democracy has "failed", rarely will I ever see a politician having a proper debate, just prepared statements, word games to avoid topics. A lot of people have completely lost faith in the media, political and justice systems. The mockery of Johnson and his parties just underlines to so many that our system is just as corrupt as other parts of the world. When so many have lost faith, its easy to see the appeal of stories on the internet.
  2. Think the above, is why Trump was elected... people have had it with the old political system and wanted a change.
  3. I am not underestimating, the EU is still the largest partner for Russia... and the short term consequences would be drastic. But also largely their economy is based on tangible items whether that be fossil fuels or precious metals/minerals. There will always be someone willing to buy them, whether they based in the west or east.
  4. We have been losing control for a long time, we moved significant amount of industries to China (US, UK and some EU), which would give them significant counter leverage. US and China are also going down a path of confrontation and pushing China and Russia together. The more we isolate Russia from our own economies, the more they become dependent on China. Eventually, these countries might turn round and say we wont use your currencies look at your debt UK (2trillion) and US (21trillion) its worthless and dont need to trade with you here are some return sanctions. All this whilst china became the largest economy in the world. Just how much leverage do we have? Its not the 1970s and 80s where American dominance was uncontested.
  5. Short term maybe... but when Russia works with its allies like China to come up with an alternative system. It would be a disaster to the western control of money.
  6. Nato, has put itself in a difficult position. If they fail to defend Ukraine then the rest of Eastern Europe will start to wonder what are the paper guarantees America has given them. Taiwan, Japan and South Korea will also start to wonder. Eisenhower was right, and the warnings of his grand-daughter were ignored. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1997-jul-07-me-10464-story.html Why have so many knowledgeable and responsible authorities, in addition to the letter’s signatories, raised powerful objections to NATO expansion? Diplomat-historian George F. Kennan perhaps said it most clearly when he wrote earlier this year in a newspaper commentary: “Expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of American policy in the post cold-war era. Such a decision may be expected . . . to impel Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.”
  7. Banning Russia from swift would do more harm than good, than would shut down the gas supplies if they cant receive payment... They would then create their own banking system to rival swift, Iran and other countries affected by sanctions would just use that, their trade with China/India and the rest of Asia would be via Swift.
  8. Cup The purpose of sport is to win trophy's not just survive in a league. Our only chance of winning a trophy is a cup unless something changes dramatically.
  9. I think the only reason this has happened, is the homegrown rule... x number to come through academy... so you buy tons of very good footballers, who probably would have been very successful had they developed naturally through the footballing systems. They clearly signed for a reason guessing they were playing well for 'lesser' clubs. They stay at Man City/Chelsea for a minimum of 3 years to fulfil the homegrown rule who in turn hope one or two come good.
  10. Belarus and Russia, signed a deal about unification at some point in the 1990's and have recently talked about unification again. They also have a military alliance, but my understanding is the Russian troops are at Soloti (Russia).
  11. it's not what we think that matters, Russia has said on many occasions that if Belarus and/or Ukraine joined Nato, they would be surrounded by Nato and would consider it a prelude to war. it's the reason they grabbed crimea, as it was the long standing naval port of the Russia Fleet. Under no circumstances where they going to give their own port to nato. Nato making a big issue out of the 100k troops (that are still on Russian soil). But the reality, Russia is/was making a point.... that it can get 100k and mobilised very quickly. They will go home again in a few weeks... just like last time.
  12. I think every team would have a player stood on the 6-yard box (when they are in the opponents half) to force the defenders to drop deep and defend. Creating room for midfielders.
  13. I was including the loans so in terms of first team squad it could be 7 or 8+ (Williams, Gilmour, Normann, Kabak are guarantees) plus a few of the overseas recruits may wish to leave and not like the concept of championship football. Whether they get their wish is undecided. Second striker would suggest 2 uptop, think for now if we make a move in January we will stay with 433/4231 hybrids.
  14. When we got relegated (with Alex Neil as manager), the following couple of seasons showed the potential pitfalls of relegation, good players leave...bad players on big wages stay. A couple of indifferent seasons, then suddenly the financials become very difficult. Ultimately, we was very fortunate that Farke and a bunch of 'cheap' players managed to come together and have an exceptional season, followed by relegation and another promotion. At this point in time, if relegation does happen the list of candidates to leave is quite high and you worry what the dynamics of the club will look like. At the same time, it also has potential young players (Jzolis/Sargent and co) will find form and confidence in the championship and develop significantly for a return to the premiership. Maybe a few gems in the transfer market. I think the current side is missing 2 to 3 key players, to transform it into something competitive. A strong DM, a second goal scorer whether central midfielder or wide attacker (or both). There has been enough games, where we have been close enough across 90minutes, but the goal scoring is just woeful.
  15. Whilst the performance was very good. A good slice of luck as well. The mistakes that nearly led to a goal, Hanley backpass and Billy pass to Aarons. Under Farke both or at least one would have led to a goal. However, the commitment of the team to get back and cover for the mistake was much better, so its not all luck.
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