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  1. Have a listen and let us know what you think. Thoughts on the new signings, new kit and a bit of other stuff as well http://soundcloud.com/river-end-mardle/closed-season-mardle
  2. My personal message to him http://audioboo.fm/boos/372613-luke-odonoughoe-banned
  3. http://audioboo.fm/boos/372613-luke-odonoughoe-banned#
  4. The Mardle''s Views on Brighty and whats gone on. Let us know what you think. http://audioboo.fm/boos/372487-kick-it-out
  5. Heard all round the city tonight and we want it at Carrow Rd against Coventry Russell Martin in his pants In his pants In his pants Russell Martin in his Pants Coz he loves Norwich! To a similar Simon Lappin Song Check out www.huckerbysboots.com for some video coverage! OTBC
  6. David the only Ipswich fan the Mardle knows in Norwich gives his views on tonights game. http://audioboo.fm/boos/337447-ipswich-town-fans-view What do you think?
  7. Thank you for the feedback Spartacus. If you liked listen to the daily Mardle a short 2 min affair on all things NCFC at our website.
  8. or here..... http://soundcloud.com/river-end-mardle/reading-mardle
  9. More waffle from the Mardle after the Reading game. http://theriverendmardle.moonfruit.com
  10. Prematch views on today''s game against reading from the Mardle. http://audioboo.fm/boos/276466-reading-match-preview
  11. Got a smart phone, ipod or ipad, want to listen to the daily mardle on the go? Go and get the new FREE daily mardle smart phone app. http://wbxapp.com/the-daily-mardle Go to the link and follow the instruction on screen, iphone please add link to home screen.
  12. Latest Daily Mardle. Cody''s Award, Surman back, Oli and Hughes on loan and Jimi''s Birthday! http://theriverendmardle.moonfruit.com/#/daily-mardles/4548302728
  13. For all things Mardle come and see the new website! Home of the Weekly Matchday Mardle and our daily soundbite on all thinigs yellow and green as they happen. Have a look at the video podcast and watch live! Sign up and Join in with the new feature THE FANS FORUM! Disagree with something we have said? Get on the Forum and have a rant! Want us to cover something or want to get on the show? Let us know. Get on there and have a go! http://theriverendmardle.moonfruit.com/
  14. I reckon PL defo sat down and said back me with some cash or I am off! Question is how much of this money has he already spent if we have had it since the start of Jan and whats left in the Piggy bank for this loan window. For more views http://theriverendmardle.moonfruit.com/#/daily-mardles/4548302728
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