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  1. http://www.ontheballcity.com/lambert-for-the-outsiders-looking-in/ Here''s our latest article, regarding the Lambert situation. Focussing around the idea he would NOT be as successful without Ian Culverhouse, whose affiliation to Norwich may play some part in any potential move...
  2. http://www.ontheballcity.com/exclusive-bryan-gunn-interview/ Here''s our latest interview, this time with Bryan Gunn. It''s a fantastic read, with Michael Theoklitos, John Ruddy and Alex Ferguson all discussed! Have a read and let us know what you think! Cheers!
  3. http://www.ontheballcity.com/exclusive-chris-goreham-interview/ Here''s our latest interview with Radio Norfolk''s Chris Goreham. It offers an excellent insight into the role of a commentator and the fine line between doing your job and being a fan! It''s worth a read!
  4. Just one of the questions looked at it in our latest feature. http://www.ontheballcity.com/canaries-who-could-fly-at-euro-2012/ Looking at City players who could go to Euro 2012. Let us know what you think!
  5. http://www.ontheballcity.com/scintillating-city-take-bad-bolton-to-bits/ Great win today, fantastic way to bounce back from Wednesday night. Here''s our match report from today''s game, let us know what you think. Apologies, not quite sure how to properly link things on here! Enjoy your weekend everyone.
  6. http://www.ontheballcity.com/super-jed-steers-city-onwards-into-round-5/ Here is our match report from today''s superb 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion. Let us know what you think, Jed Steer has a big future ahead of him. OTBC!!!
  7. http://www.ontheballcity.com/exclusive-alex-notman-interview/ Here is our weekly interview, this time Alex Notman is in the hot seat. Next week will feature a former title winning, tough tackling Canary midfielder. Let us know what you think of this set of Q and As!
  8. Adrian Forbes is our interviewee this week, he''s given some great answers including insights into why he left the club as well as some information on playing with the likes of Wes Hoolahan, David Fox, Zak Whitbread and Leon Barnett... http://www.ontheballcity.com/exclusive-adrian-forbes-interview/ Let us know what you think!
  9. Following from the BigGrantHolt twitter account, we''ve got 2 more to enjoy! It''s funny stuff, one image from the Tierney account has mentally scarred me severely! https://twitter.com/#!/OnePaulLambert https://twitter.com/#!/MadMarcT
  10. http://www.ontheballcity.com/exclusive-ian-crook-interview/ Today sees the launch of an exclusive line of interviews brought to you by SP, first up is Ian Crook. Many thanks to Chippy for his time, it makes for good reading! Let us know what you think!
  11. Having seen the highlights again, our SP has got it spot on in his article. So has Dermot Gallagher. The heads touch, the contact is minimal but the intent is there and Barton was rightfully sent off. Barton and Warnock do not have a leg to stand on! Now, I don''t believe we should worry about QPR anymore. Their manager has no respect for anyone but himself, Barton is one of the most horrible footballers around - why give them the time of day?
  12. Tired of all the Johnson bashing and the continued Neil Warnock and Joey Barton claims, we''ve explored just how credible they really are. The answer? Not very! http://www.ontheballcity.com/look-a-little-closer-to-home-neil/ Barton hasn''t got a leg to stand on with his past and Warnock is fine when he''s pointing the finger, though when he''s in the wrong everything is all fine! And Oliver Holt, please, our SP is a better journalist than you will ever be! OTBC!!!
  13. Some will be - you''ll get that too obviously, but the majority do their best to get behind the boys! I can tell you my conscience is clear from writing this and I come home hoarse!
  14. http://www.ontheballcity.com/canary-fans-their-scapegoat-needs/ Our new feature which makes a few points about these moaners and their scapegoat needs. Have a look and see if you agree with what we''ve said! Here''s hoping we get the 3 points tomorrow! Best of luck to the boys! OTBC
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