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  1. I think you''ve both missed the point spectacularly lol!
  2. Bit ironic to mention Tony Martin in your song... Wasn''t he the bloke that over reacted when a couple of pikey chancers came round on the nick?
  3. Sometime in the near future I''m going to be up the pub surrounded by tractor boys watching the almost legendary "Old Farm Derby". In the past I, and I think most, Colu fans have cheered you lot on - christ I even wanted JC to score a couple of seasons back! and I think I want to again. The trouble is though this business keeps flaring up - now, I suppose the popular belief here is that Robbie can''t let it lie and keeps shooting his mouth off. Well I think you may have a case regarding some of his more passionate offerings. The thing that seems to be forgotten is why has this dragged on? What would be happening now if instead of playing fast and loose (illegally) over the way you got Lambert, or agreed to the 400K which was apparently the figure Cowling first asked for - if that had been paid there would have been no tribunal which would have meant no punishments for Cowling to comment on, it would have probably meant an increase to your ticket allocation to the game at WHCS and it probably would have led to dear old Keith Armour sending Robbie an email of thanks instead of one wishing him personal misfortune? In the final analysis there doesn''t seem to be much professionalism or business sense practised on either side. As fans we will always fully support our teams on the pitch, and be thankful for those that keep our clubs afloat (we''d both be up the creek without it) but should we blindly line up and cheer on every proclamation made and action taken? I hope this will be taken in the right spirit! although First wiz I''ve already imagined your response so need to bother pal ;-)
  4. Yes Brenda, a lot of us do. To say that we would be better off without him, is to be totally ignorant of his position within the club - he owns the whole lot. I''m glad to see that some of you recognise that nobody really comes out of this latest episode at all well. It''s never wise when talking about people to start mentioning the Nazis and I''m glad he has apologised, but if many of us had some of things we''d broadcast to the world via football messageboards quoted in the newspapers I think we would all feel a bit chastened. Didn''t wish to interrupt your board but the question was asked.
  5. You wanted the Dave the Desert Fox (for obvious reasons) who was I to stand in the way of your destiny?
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