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  1. never said career was over just thought he looked promising. but then i think he has got a prem league star in the making in front of him in korey smith.
  2. as title says where has he gone any sightings please post
  3. yes it was only small but from little acorns grow mighty oaks, moaners do my head in got one sit behind me at ground at the watford game all him and his mate done were moan about crofts saying how poor he was then wen he scored he suddenly turned into the best player on pitch and best signing of summer
  4. few guys and gals on other post bout forest lets give him chance
  5. guys and girls i see by a few comments that people have turned to jackson from ruddy to be lataest scapegoat, yes he not scored yet but i think once first hits back of net many more will follow. remember iwans first year hardly prolific was it and look how he turned out stop looking for players whos back you can get on and get behind team lets make the fortress rock sat from min 1 to min 90
  6. hi do not normally post but after reading so many plus and negative points on here by everyone just thought would ask one simple ? can we make playoffs i think we can. lets hope so before any one doubts my credentials as a city supporter how many more can say they travelled just under 24hours on a bus to watch goss score a wonder goal never to be forgotten in the olympic stadium.
  7. yea that the one cheers for promoting it was not sure how to upload the link!!
  8. if you have face book go on over and if ya want join the fraser forster one more year group prob wont help but you never know if he see it by any chance he might feel wanted !!!
  9. thats the older one who fell over im talking about the young one who strut about like a cockrel!!!
  10. just for some light entertainment has any body ever seen the section head steward in block e lower barclay ever smile if so  tell us your stories me ive never seen him smile even when promoted to the prem. he must have had bad childhood !!!!!
  11. just remember we are six points clear with four games to go who would you rather be us or the chasing pack i know which one i would rather be lets all calm down and just enjoy !!!!! pitch invasion at home v gillingham to celebrate that is if we can get past mr attitude who is head steward lower barclay e block, he must have had a bad childhood never seen him smile in 5 years or longer !!!      
  12. was told by ticket office yesterday that was unsucseful checked bank this morning money taken so dont know wether got tickets or not . this so unorganised!!!!
  13. cant work out what going on went in yesterday before game asked if had tickets as no letter had arrived saying i was un lucky in the ballot. was told no tickets sorry,checked bank this morning money gone out . so may have tickets may not. if have got tickets may have a adult and junior ticket spare due to ticket office saying we had no tickets.
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