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  1. [quote]Are you expecting a lozza, lozza money to spend if you go up, Lozza?!!![/quote] Hopefully! Also have lozza, lozza more fans than you.
  2. [quote]You''ll always be second in the originality stakes - can''t even make up your own songs![/quote] We didn''t need to make it up!! You did that for us!!
  3. I wont keep on saying Top of the league at Portman Road..but Happy days!!  Looks like we''ll hopefully joining you in the Premiership (only because there are so many poor teams around you!)..where we belong!
  4. [quote]Meeky I thought I had seen it somewhere before... Another example of the low intellect of Binners and their (lack of) ability to write some original lyrics[/quote] Te be honest..ours is more up to date..and it was actually started by a sunderland fan about newcastle..so dont take all the credit!!
  5. [quote]And how many Premiership clubs have you beaten this year?[/quote] Erm..none! But I wasn''t talking about us, just referring to the fact that Watford have done well!
  6. Watford have actually manged to beat more premiership clubs than norwich!!!!!!
  7. [quote]Lozza is a fool. Often used to frequent the BBC message boards but went mysteriously quiet towards the end of last season as we trounced all before us. I think he''s only a part time sc*mmer and devote...[/quote] Went "mysteriously quiet" beacause the company I work for blocked the website, due to overuse! And I''ve had a season ticket for 19 years, north stand lower. I thank you!How am I a fool, if you look on WOTB, someone actually agrees with me!
  8. [quote]Lossa: Rule No.1. Never, never, insult Delia or our club, when they have a real 1st Wizard batting for them. You have just invoked a chaos spell right back on to your own sad little club. Don''t meddl...[/quote] What a freak!! And it''s Lozza to you!
  9. Not really ,when you think about it everton,among a host of other clubs could have a picture of an ex player, our manager on their shirts.Players travel or are bought and sold to various clubs through the years.It is VERY rare to see a player nowdays stay with the same club all through their career.But a chairperson thats a little different they dont normally change from club to club like players do (and its actually expected of players to do so)so the comparison though a great laugh for you budgies is far less of an embarrassment for us as it should be for you.Her changing from when we had one of our finest hours to our arch rivals kinda reveals that she has no idea of the passion of football and that fans sometimes have long memories. I cant ever see her tasting the sort of sucess she had with us ,with you.
  10. [quote]Impressed with our recent run, i have been looking as some stats, we are currently on a par with Chelsea, Arsnal, Man U, Liverpool and Bolton. The only teams not to have consecutive losses so far this...[/quote] No..stats don''t mean anything! Its results that count!!
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