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  1. Here is some information that you may find useful when it comes to ethics and privacy   All information gathered will be kept confidential so there is no risk of embarrassment to participants. Questionnaire results will also be kept confidential. All participants will be made fully aware that the design and purpose of the research is for my own research purposes There will be no way of tracing back data to participants as the only personal information gained will characteristics like age and gender. The data that will be gathered from the online surveys will be stored within surveymonkey.com in coordination with regulations. All data will also be stored on the private computer of the researcher which is password protected.
  2. Hello all, I am a 3rd year Business student completing a dissertation on celebrity endorsement and was wondering whether you would take a few minutes in answering my survey. I am aware this is a discussion board however I would be extremely grateful.  Thank you for your time and here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WV8TSQH   OTBC 
  3. Thank you very much, Ginja I have emailed the club however I am still yet to hear anything from them, so just thought it might be worth going higher up to get some information :)
  4. Does anyone know what David McNally''s email address is please? I am a third year University student doing a dissertation and would like to ask him a few questions on Sponsorship :) Apologies for this as I believe it has been posted on here before. Thanks
  5. I see this weeks Question of Sport features John Ruddy as one of the guests. Obviously was filmed a while back so doubt there''d be much about him being linked with Chelsea, however, probably a good watch anyway! This weeks show is Wednesday 10th July at 10:35pm subject to any changes in program listings :) 
  6. Might have been my mistake but I was sure today''s game was to be on SKY?
  7. Just thought i''d say well done David McNally for running the London Marathon yesterday. He finished the run in 3h 52m 35s, hope you raised lots of money for NORCAS!! Well done again David
  8. I have just purchased 2 tickets for the home game against Coventry. We usually sit in the Jarrold Stand so I tried to get 2 seats in there, but it was full so I went for the Barclay Stand, however, the seats are right at the back of the top tier. Just wondering what the view is like? Can you see all of the pitch?
  9. Just wanted to get people''s opinion on the penalty decision, was it a penalty or was it a dive and yet another cock up by Micheal Oliver??
  10. Was it a penalty?? Didn''t see it, some people are saying it was a dive?
  11. Anybody who broke down on the M3 and replaced a tyre, if you were going to game hope you got their okay
  12. Fair points people have made on here, I do think that our performance was not good at all and we need to improve quickly, I agree that the defence does look poor, and that Ruddy looks slightly concerning. We do need to be come stronger as referee''s may see things differently in the Championship than they do in League 1.
  13. Was it just me or was the referee''s overall performance shocking, how Watford''s 3rd goal counted I will never know was a clear free kick to us, and in my opinion Holt should have had a penalty for the arms around him. But as usual the referees wherever we go do NOT seem to change!!!!!
  14. They haven''t covered the Norwich vs Wigan game yet. I have been waiting a while to see.
  15. Does anybody know where I can watch the goals from todays game??
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