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  1. what about the torres song something like...   Mcnally said he was Norwich Lambert, Lambert Will always be yellow n green lambert, Lambert We took him from the c**t cowling and Col who cant stop howling Thats Paul Lambert, Norwichs number 1   na na, na na, na na, na na, na na      na na..........   He come to Norwich to be at the top and loves watching the Col who drop Thats Paul Lamberts Canaries at the top.          Im sure we can think of something better though.
  2. Hucks is the best player to wear a Norwich City shirt and always will be my favorite player, a fantastic player to watch, my memories are the Cardiff and Birmingham game where he scored the most sensational goals i have ever seen for Norwich.  Wish you all the best for the future And thanks for all the memories      
  3. wanted to talk to him but so many people around him chatting to him nd photographs couldn''t believe it realy
  4. A Norwich 11 which included Gunny and Butterworth beat Burnham Market cricket team in a 20-20 charity match today was a very enjoyable match, Gunny as wicket-keeper looked brilliant.
  5. Would you swap Wes Hoolahan for Alan Lee if Palace offered a swap deal? I wouldnt.
  6. What an absolute disgrace, a manager with no experience he has had his chance and failed. League 2 here we come.  
  7. Firstly i think Gunn should step down as Norwich manager as he clearly has no experience at all, but judging by Doncasters comments on sky i think a decision has already been made, im just wondering whether Aidy Boothroyd will take the job, since Gunn has taken over Boothroyd has been to several Norwich matches home and away and i believe he was on radio 5 live with Gunn last week. Just wondering what peoples views are about this. ...Also bring back Hucks
  8.                   Marshall Semmy   Doc   Shackell   Berty Croft          Clingan        Carney                    Hooly      Gow                     Cody   Nelson, Lappin, Rusty, Mooney and Cort. 
  9. Don''t no what people think of the club shop, but i had a look round the other day, havn''t been in for a while and i thought it was total rubbish, it was like a jumble sale, nearly every item was for sale or 20% off, they want you to buy 2 advent calenders for 50p this time of year, old photographs of earnie and etuhu. There are even old home and away shirts which are trying to be flogged on matchdays at the jarrold stand. I think its rediculous i don''t mind a few for sale items but not the whole shop, it needs new ideas and new items. 
  10. Are we employing too much staff ? With crowds of 25,000 every home game, which is double than some other clubs in our league, why can clubs like burnley or bristol city who struggle to get a decent gate for example find several million to spend on players no problem. For example we have several resturants where thousands of meals are made on matchdays, there is club shop sales, and now with another 17,000 plus season ticket renewels surely this must generate millions of pounds without everything else which goes on at Carrow road.  
  11. It may be too late now and very very unlikely but signing a Ched Evans or a Leroy Lita back till the end of the season could be our only hope of survival. I know we must stop giving away silly and easy goals, but with a bit more fight and effort and with someone like Ched or Leroy upfront who can score goals we can get out of this mess. Theres no way i think it will happen but this may be our only chance of survival. ...Must also leave out Fotheringham and Cureton.  
  12. The only change i would make to the team is David Marshall, look at the games we have lost so many valuable points due to his unforced mistakes, besides that his distribution of the ball is very poor (hoof), very poor at gathering crosses and hates to come off his line. I know all goalkeepers make mistakes but due to his errors we are in this mess, i believe its time for a change before its to late. On the ball city
  13. Just wondering what people think of david marshall. Although he has made some excellent saves and kept us in games, he has made to many mistakes this season which is costing us points. i think now is the time stuart nelson or declan rudd get their chance. otbc Bring back Hucks 
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