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  1. Agreed. I think he looked sharp too, he had one turn and shot from outside the box just after he came on, we looked like we needed that on sunday - someone who can grab half a yard with a turn and get a decent shot away. Early days but I was happy to see him in a yella shirt too
  2. [quote user="JF"]It''s a shame our defence isn''t as tight as this![/quote] hahaa well said. I dunno about you but I find the curt tone of that letter offensive and petty. I posted on here recently (''nevermind the buzzcocks....here''s the common sense'') stating my belief that we need an independent supporter''s voice/forum/group that can engage in discussion with the football club. I got shot down over not really making my point clearly (my own fault for posting at 4am) and admittedly, the common sense was somewhat discretionary. Luckily for me Purple and others posted some excellent responses, helping to define the point along the way and I think it all leads in here. This letter from the club is an absolute joke. As has been previously stated many clubs would love to have the support and fan base we now have. Yet I think we can all say business is business and we expect things like the under 21 system to be drawn into sharp focus. This instance however is short-sighted penny pinching on the club''s part - the only way i could begin to see it from the club''s perspective is if it turns out that a number of people were taking advantage of the complimentary programmes and taking/getting hold of more than one and passing them on. As someone who has been fortunate enough to sit in the associate director area i''ve been handed a complimentary programme - so as to ensure I only had one so I can''t see it being the case. It seems the club are starting to take things a bit far - they obviously have their (big brother) house in order when it comes to making cash and seemingly are beginning to take fans for granted (dugout seats/OAP age rise/pricing/minimal time to present proof of age/charging for reserve games to season ticket holders etc etc). It''d be a shame if the fans were continually left with a raw deal or didn''t have the voice when we really needed it especially because we didn''t represent ourselves - for whatever reason.
  3. As a an avid reader of this forum for several years, reading nearly every NCFC related article on the archant based sites (and others), a passionate fan, supporter and season ticket holder, who has seen us all go through the mediocre, the highs and the lows over many years I feel compelled to post now. Firstly, many things are going extremely well at the club and after some shocking years it’s a pleasure to watch, experience and enjoy. This is a great situation, but let’s not be apathetic and wait for things to change or until issues arise and we realise we need a way to voice our concerns and pull together. Even if, and let’s hope it does, this upward turn continues we need a body in place to protect us the fans, our views and our voice. I’m NOT a member of NCISA. BUT I DO BELIEVE WE NEED A SUPPORTERS CLUB. AN INDEPENDENT ONE. Having read the first few pages of the ‘X-Files post’ then briefly slipping into a coma as the blood flowed from my lacerated wrists, only to pull back from the brink - remembering it''s only a game - and we have another one against a beatable West Brom in a little over 10 days. I decided I wanted to say something. To matters pressing then, OUR great Club, and it OURS - you only need to listen to Mister Lambert occasionally to have heard the mantra - ''without the supporters there is no club'' - if not those precise words in that exact order, then thereabouts (it has gone 4am, after all). The cut and thrust of it; We NEED a supporter''s club. This is a small plea to those fans who really couldn''t care less about the current incarnation of an old supporters association – or, as I may feel is more likely the case, are extremely bored of the tommy tank petty ‘issues’ constantly being bickered over. It seems the old guard and the changing guard had some issues. Forget the boring squabbles. It appears change has come, a new chair – Robin – I believe, and with him a new committee - it''s also appears, whilst not perfect - they have a new way of looking at things and are willing to listen. Furthermore, it appears they are not the ones fighting openly on this forum - fank tuck. One day we might need this committee, one day we might, no, WILL need this supporter’s association/club. And we''ll need the people at the helm to uphold our views and act with decorum. I for one believe from what I have read from Robin that he is openly, enthusiastically and humbly trying to move forward to an association, and social supporter’s club that is as widely all-encompassing to us, the supporters. This, in my humble opinion is a VERY good thing. You can''t please all the people all of the time. But if our SUPPORTERS CLUB reflects say 10% of our home gate (home fans only) circa 2500 fans then we are already on the way to being a powerful voice. There’s a lot more supporters unable to make home games, and again I’m sure they would value being part of an association of Norwich City supporters. NCISA isn’t the only option - do some research, or better still talk to fellow fans - but they might be a good start, have a look like I did to find out more www.ncisa.co.uk These are great times again, exciting times. What we cannot, and must not be apathetic enough to allow is that the running of our beloved club and our supports club fall into the same hands. No independence. No Voice. OTBC!!!
  4. Hucks96 I agree chap, it''s the way things are, just an interesting point regarding Forrest imo. And more importantly for all those whinging about the loans, the figures show we''re in the same boat as everyone else. I''m sure we can all agree as much as we see the necessity for loans, particularly at present, we all want a few more of our ''own'' players come the start of next season. But right here and now, I think the loans players we have currently will help us hugely. ''Accept it, get over it and then go and support your team'' Have done, will do, always will my man.  
  5. As my old man always says.. ''there are lies, damn lies, and statistics'' For what it''s worth, my take on these figures would be;  26.7% of transfers commanded a typical transfer fee, disclosed or otherwise, between clubs. That''s basically 1 in 4. Killen (Loan) - Gow (Loan) - Carney (Loan) - McDonald (Fee) This is of course ignoring the Leijer deal, which just looks like a swap. I''d agree that we''re doing what we can at this moment in time. Although, Forrest, having come from the league below (and recently sacking there manager - involving a fee i guess - just like us) have apparently put in a bid for Crofty of £400K. We sold Bell and Eventguard yet I didn''t see us putting in any kid of bids like that. I''d love to see us pull a draw out of the bag this eve. If we sneak a win I''ll be checking the calandar to make sure all this snow doesn''t mean it''s christmas again! We''re looking Okay so far under Gunn, let''s hope we can keep up this season, even string some decent results together, for a little bit more cheer! If we do, then in the summer it will be the time for the board to give the manager a decent amount of money to spend, to buy our own players, creating a squad - our squad - with depth ready for the season ahead. Then, and only then will it be worth using loans to enhance the team. not to bodge-it-and-scarper.  
  6. Howdy, Is anyone watching the derby in a pub in Leeds? Or know of anywhere to watch it,. I moved up here a couple of months back so if anyone knows or wants to meet up to watch it let me know. Cheers
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