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  1. hoolahan is absoulute class, i thought he played awsome first half on saturday completley controlled the play, huckerby had flashes of brilliance but never controlled a game liked hoolahan can. wes will become a legend here just like huckerby, and to say he will be nothing but a neat and tidy player is complete bs.
  2. according to carrow road.net binner d''urso has been changed for tommorrows game "We understand that a change in the officials for tomorrows opening game at Coventry has been made, Andy D''Urso has been replaced by Colin Webster. We have no idea why because, as usual, there''s no one in the Football League press office to answer the phone. However we are lead to believe that it is not resulting from a complaint by Norwich. A spokesperson in the Football League refs department didn''t know why the change had been made, but there again she probably wouldn''t. Colin Webster is from Tyne and Wear so perhaps he''s giving Shola a lift "    
  3. i have a bad feeling that pattison will find himself  starting tomorrow and roeder will not drop fozzy for russell.                                   marshall           semmy   kennedy stefanovic drury           croft     fozzy    clingan     pattison                              hoolahan                        cureton
  4. i cant understand why we didnt sign him? roeder spoke highly of him when he came then got injured straight away. would have thought he would have wanted him here again and a deal sorted when he returned to full fitness? hope it isnt a case of barnsley showing more ambition
  5. agreed out of all the target men we are being linked with, he is the most technical and has the best scoring ratio. would love to see rasiak in a yellow shirt
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