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  1. jimbo85

    Man Utd Away Ticket

    I am after 1 x Man utd away ticket. I applied but wasn''t one of the lucky ones. Any one cant make it and looking to sell ticket? Or any away season ticket holders who cant make it? Thanks
  2. jimbo85

    Friendly this sunday?

    We have no game this sunday and a pitch booked. If anyone is up for a friendly let me know jameshardingham@hotmail.com. Pitch is booked from 10.20 on UEA Colney lane pitches

  3. On my first day of uni in Pompey I was moving into halls. I was wearing my City shirt and the very first person I met came out of his room in the next corridor along wearing a city shirt. He was from Kent, another chap on the corridor from Gillingham also supported City
  4. jimbo85


    Yer they all seemed to go for it in the Euros, obviously championship is a different level but teams on dominate the midfield seem to do well. Maybe thats why Roeder wants Carrol as a big man up front?
  5. jimbo85


    Do you think Roeder is planning on playing a 4-5-1 formation? Seems like we have a lot of midfielders and are linked with more I am concerned about lack of fowards, so it might be the case he is forced to play the formation? Or he may have got a bit carried away watching Euro 2008.
  6. I thought it was a cheeky dig to. Fair enough a fair few people miss the games but I would rather give my ticket to a mate when im not there in return for a couple of beers, also I sit with a mate so why would he want a total stranger sitting next to him? 2nd best championship attendance and its still not good enough in the clubs eyes!
  7. Hi there. Should be able to do 26th July or 9th August. I run Earlham Colney in 3a of Evening News Sunday league, were looking for a few friendlies for fitness and to try out a fair few players as putting together a new squad over the pre season. if you are interested e-mail jameshardingham@hotmail.com


  8. jimbo85


    Hi mate what team are you? And what pitch you got booked? Should be able to get a team together
  9. jimbo85


    3A Sunday League team requires friendlies throughout pre season. We do not have pitches available but if anyone has one booked would be interested and can go halfs on fees.