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  1. This could work, but i would think a right hand man with ties to the club, and a bit of charisma would go down a storm. Dion, maybe?
  2. They do treat private patients there too. They have a lovely free (well, not if you count the £100 a month or so!) coffee machine in one of the waiting rooms, and choccy biscuits!
  3. [quote user="terryya"]Huddersfield such a dump!? It must also be why RBS thought that an area of Huddersfield (Lindley) was the most desirable place in the entire country for first time buyers. [/quote] No, RBS liked it cos it''s only £17.43 for a house.
  4. Whatever it is, it will have been cooked in a nuclear reactor for about 7 weeks.
  5. Eh? I meant that he should get even more criticism than he does, cos he''s REALLY crap.
  6. To be fair I don''t think he get''s enough criticism.
  7. You are sooooo right Jas. Milly was our matchday host a few years back, and proceeded to just get hammered with us. Top fella, but I couldn''t understand a word he said!
  8. He is going because somebody came up with a strategy for the marketing team that didn''t include him. He saw it, wasn''t happy and got on the phone to get a new job. Allegedly.
  9. What the article doesn''t state is the reason Cullen is off anyway.
  10. [quote user="Grando"]How do you know!?[/quote]   That took longer than I thought!
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