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  1. Think this thread sums up alot of posters on this forum.How many other clubs fans slate their top scorer.Some of you should watch less soaps and try to live in the real world.With some of the crap football we played at the start off the season i am amazed we have even got a player in double figures.some people are never happy
  2. so dublin and fossy had bad games,like i said before get a life mate!
  3. As a long time reader and a one time contributor i would just like to say i find this forum one of the most narrow minded boards i have ever come across.Most posters make more u-turns than the government and others will call black white to to score brownie points.You would never believe that we are all supposed to support norwich.And as for allowing a certain 1500+ poster from the midlands to be hero worshipped and have a so call valid opinion is a joke.90% of posts on here are just plain vindictive as i would guess 90% of posters are trolls.I think a better name for this site would be the troll''un.And before you all tell me its my choice to read or not let me just say,this forum was once very good but it has gone to pot in the last 18 months Are there anymore longtime readers and some time posters who would agree with me or am i hallucinating
  4. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"] Marshall - 7 Otsemobor - 7 Doherty - 7 Shackell - 5 Bertrand - 6 Fotheringham - 5 Russell - 7 Pattison - 6 Huckerby - 6 Cureton - 6 Dublin - 5 Pearce - 6 Croft - 6 Rigters - 6 [/quote]get a life mate and try watching the game with your eyes open.Fans like you who needs enemies
  5. [quote user="Trent Canary"] Well that was some game! And with results going our way im very happy. Watched this one from the Jarrold stand. Its literally a morgue. About 10% sang OTBC before the game, no one stood up for the penalty, hardly anyone one clapped the subs off. Was embarassing to sit their to be honest.. But anyway. Marshall - 6/7 - Did well. Made some good saves. Reasonable in the air. Not at fault for the goal in fact he could have very easily have fouled Lisbie and got sent off, with no keeper on the bench im glad he didnt! His kicking from the floor is good, his kicking from the hands is terrible. None of the defenders ever came short to receive the ball though which must be frustrating. Otsemobor - 9 - Cracking performance. Defended well. Took his goal very well, and worked really effectively with Huckerby. Every time he got forward we looked dangerous. Doc - 6 - Not much to do. Went off at half time for unknown reason. Shacks - 6 - Kept them out well, but very much at fault for the goal. Handled their large striker in the air reasonably well. Bertrand - 8 - Another good performance. Linked up well. Stopped crosses coming in. Looked good forward again and was unlucky not to score in the second half. Fozzy - 7 - Played well, hassled, without much quality. Russell - 9 - Can see what we have been missing. I bemoaned the lack of an attacking midfielder recently, but he was quality going forward. And got stuck in against the colly midfielders. Pattison - 8 - Thought he had a great game in the first half. Linked up well, put in some good crosses and was effective in defence. The reaction of the other lads when he went off was good to see too. Won the penalty as well, good to see him getting forward. Hucks - 8  - Attacked well in tandem with Semmy. Set up the second goal and the penalty. Looked back to his best on the right wing. Few bad crosses though and free kicks to be critical. Cureton - 8/9 - Took all three goals very well, although the goals were down to the good work of others. He didnt do much on the side however, hence only an 8/9. Im sure others will give him higher. But great to see him get some goals, hopefully he will be finishing like this next season. Dion - 8/9 - Back to his best. Won most of the headers, fantastic on the floor, great goal. He also spotted before everyone else the fact that we were getting great joy down the right wing in the first half. Due to that he looked for hucks and semmy often, and his header to huckerby led to the second goal, considering the header was from the other side of the pitch that was quite impressive! A true pro, wish there were more like him around. Subs Pearce - 6 - Not much to do but looked solid. Croft - 6 - No real impression. Ritgers - 6 - Looked sharp. I thought he set up CUretons third goal, but Radio Norfolk reckoned it was Dion. Either way I thought it was ritgers, and it was a great lay off. Crowd - Better - Nowhere near the crowd of the 01-04, but better than ive seen recently. [/quote]are you sure you were in the jarrold stand mate,or are you unfamiliar with carrow road
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