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  1. Yeah maybe, but to be honest, the board has not supported any manger going back 5 + years, todays football teams need money spent on them or u drop like a stone. Like Norwich have done.
  2. True but its not the only similar printed or online view, just seems sad that the view Norwich are putting out is a team run by muppets. Anyhow thats what i think..
  3. Anyone See Stan Collymore view on Norwich on Daily Mirror. Anyone else embarassed by how Norwich FC is being viewed by the footballing world? http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/columnists/stan-collymore/Norwich-treated-sacked-Bryan-Gunn-like-a-mug-article117029.html
  4. the problem by passing the buck solely to the manager, as has happened over the last few managers, the board gets away with it again and again and deflects any meaningful pressure.
  5. Hi,I have been reading all the many different views (in some cases rants) about our current situation ! While i understand that the manager could be guilty of possibly more than one mistake, it does not take away from the fact our "Board " has failed repeatly for the last 3-4 seasons to back up whoever has been in charge.It seems the every pre season we get some wonderfully worded script designed to get many fans to feel, "is this year ? is it going to be different, are we going to have some transfer money ?"   But NOOOOOOO ! All we ever hear is rumors about possible this player, or possibly that one. This then drags on until deadline day, with some player of either no talent or fast approaching the end of the career being signed. I just want to know what the true situation is with our FINANCES. The whole story every debt everything, i am tired of repeatly tired of swallowing the large spoonfull of  "SPIN" we keep being feed to keep us docile.I guess my question is " Do our current accounts give us even the remotest chanee of  ever aim for the play-offs or does it in reality look like the account book of a lower league club ?
  6. Too true, We should have kept worthy and changed the team. But no football board goes for the hard option
  7. Yeah true but at least CFC''s had a use unlike this team
  8. Lets stick together but put pressure on something to change. We should be too good to go down
  9. Hi folks,We have had 3 managers and shown only a downward spiral, lets put them all up for sale and start again. None of this lot have the skill or passion, lets gets the few £''s they are worth and start again. What does everyone think ??
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