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  1. or some1 or has done well in lower leagues like bristol city manager or paul ince etc
  2. norwich need a clear out - people like fotheringham, brown, lappin, chadwick, doherty. good 2 million there i reckon. then buy say 1 experienced striker like ellington or andy gray. then bring in an up and coming milfield man like drew surman or lee cattermole. then use the youth playrs like jarvis X2, halliday, spillane, martin etc but not robert eagle
  3. no experience - i reckon dublin ince combination would work
  4. i reckon he would be a dump manager - like grant
  5. I think he would be great as he has done really well withs limited funds and average quality at col utd. He also knows how to get cureton scoring with a big foward - that man would be strihavka and maybe brown. i reckon he could be a dark horse for the job.
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