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  1. [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]Because you cant hear yourself think with the incredibly loud music!! There would be no point! [/quote] Agreed, why are we playing ten year old Fatboy Slim tracks so loudly before KO? How are you supposed to create an atmosphere with that on? Get rid of it, get rid of the mong-a-long OTBC before the game, and please, for the love of God, bin the goal celebration music. It''s so tin-pot it hurts.
  2. Glad we''re back on topic.   Just a question Karlos, what''s the thought behind dropping Croft? Not having a go - I think that midfield looks very attractive - but think it might not offer our defence (which looked a touch unsure at Wigan) much defence.   Also, NCFC4LIFE also advocated Pilkington from the start, do you think he is ready for a full 90 or an hour at the least against Stoke? I''m not so sure.
  3. It''s an interesting thought but I cannot see Hoolahan being dropped after how well he played on Saturday. I also think that by Pilkington''s own admission, he probably isn''t fit to play 90 minutes, especially against a side as robust as Stoke. I think that the width will have to come from our full backs as I think the diamond formation will be kept. I too think we have a good chance of three points. It''s a really good time to be playing Stoke IMO, given they had a really tough game on Saturday and face an away trip on Thursday in the Europa. On a slightly different note, we have to get off to a better start at FCR than we did last year as there is just no way we can rely on supplementning our points from away games in the same fashion as last season. I don''t really think we were convincing at home all season which seems a strange thing to say given that we went up. I was far more confident with away matches. My team for Stoke: Ruddy, Martin, De Laet, Whitbread (if fit), Tierney, Fox, Croft, Bennett, Wessi, Holt, Morsion
  4. [quote user="Asobi Seksu"] [quote user="LeJuge"][quote user="Gene Tierney"]Lambert may feel that squad numbers are at the bottom of the list of importance.  You get what you get, that''s it? [/quote] Yes your right, it isn''t important, but I bet you still can''t show me another striker wearing number 5 and I bet you can''t show me a goalkeeper wearing number 11. In addition, I bet you wouldn''t go and stand in front of Grant Holt after his 50 goals in two seasons and tell him that your taking his number 9 shirt from him! Squad numbers are an important aspect of marketing when you get onto this stage mate! [/quote]   Diego Forlan wears number 5 for Uruguay [/quote] Apart from he doesn''t, he wears 10, check the recent Copa America footage.
  5. 1. Iwan 2. Goss v Bayern (a) 3. Man Utd 2-0 in 04-05 4. Lambert 5. Holt 6. White Asics
  6. I like Ruddy and I think he came back strongly from a really shaky start, but he does need competition and Rudd isn''t it. I know I''ll get shouted down, and I know his distribution is not as good as Ruddy''s, but I''d like to see Forster back. Just my opinion but there are a number of occasions that Ruddy let in a goal last season that, while not a clanger, really could have been stopped. For instance: Watford''s first goal (h), Leeds (h), Burnley second goal (h), Watford first goal (a) You have to remember that he''s going to be faced with a lot more to do next season, he will have to be more solid if he''s going to be first choice. If not, he''ll cost us points.
  7. He should definitely have saved it, absolutely no question.
  8. [quote user="Lambert is King"] In this instance Barnett I think there was fair warning however people will see your point soon when all the glory hunters return to FCR   [/quote] To what real extent is that even possible though? There is now a waiting list for season tickets and the ground will be full of the same fans that followed us in League One, give or take 1,000-2,000 people. There just isn''t the scope for us to double our attendance like Stoke have done for example.  
  9. [quote user="Barnett is King"]This is a bloody joke. Yes we are doing great and I am very pleased, but there are so many bloody glory hunters! I''ve been going to away games for 3 solid years now. I have been to about 10 already this season, and now have not got as ticket to this one cause everyone wants to go because we are winning. Why didn''t these ''fans'' go before, when we weren''t looking good to go up? [:@] Grrrrrrrrr stay loyal please people! Don''t sway please.[/quote] Look, you may have done ten aways already but it isn''t like they sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. You''ve had since Monday morning to ring up for a ticket, it''s completely your own fault that you''ve not got one.
  10. [quote user="s10_yellow"]You can easily get back to Norwich by train. The 22.31 from Watford Junction gets into Euston at 22.52, so you''d have just under 40 minutes to get to Liverpool Street for the 23.30 to Norwich. National Rail doesn''t show that route if you just look for trains from Watford to Norwich because it thinks there''s not enough time between trains to get from Euston to Liverpool Street, but you''d make it with loads of time to spare. [/quote] Many thanks, I''ll check it out.
  11. Does anybody know if this is possible to do on the train from Norwich and back? National Rail doesn''t seem to think it is. Thanks in advance.
  12. [quote user="shiplee15"]I rate Daley and i would love to see him given a chance. I think he''d do well but it may be too risky in the run in[/quote] What''s this based on? All he can do is run fast. He looked out of his depth against Ridgeons sides in the Norfolk Senior Cup and couldn''t get a game for Stevenage. Complete and utter dross.
  13. Definitely worth thinking about. I wouldn''t be surprised to see us set up slightly less gung-ho then we usually are, I''d actaully be tempted to bring in Korey on the right to offer Martin some protection as Gradel absolutely roasted him at Carrow Rd. Maybe play with a four (Smith, Crofts, Fox, Lansbury?) plus Hoolahan playing off Holt?   I wouldn''t try to second guess him though, we''re just as likely to line up with three up top plus Hoolahan and Lansbury! I''d take a point, I must admit.
  14. Yeah, nice post, don''t expect too many replies though, it''s not nearly reactionary or deliberately provocative enough.   I agree with you, the bond is very strong. You obviously get the fools who winge if every ball doesn''t instantly go forward but, to the main, the crowd stays with Norwich throughout games now. The team''s earned it because they just never, ever give up. I''ve seen us called lucky, but attacking until the game is over is not lucky. Manchester United have scored late goals for most of the last two decades, are they lucky too?   The mood amongst the club is not comparable to other regimes, it''s a great time to be supporting NCFC at the moment.
  15. One of the best interviews I''ve ever read, makes a nice change from hearing ''the lads worked hard and we deserved the three points''. No surprise to see the interview was conducted by Sid Lowe, he''s one of the best journos about. I remember hearing some gobshites - most notbaly Ian Wright I think - saying that Xavi and Iniesta were overated before the 2008 Euros - that''s about the standard of analysis we have to put up with unfortunately.   Great read.
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