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  1. Brown obviously rates him highly! Hopefully re-coup what we paid for tierney!
  2. We have been very blessed in the past few years with the quality of goalkeepers we have brought through, however there seems to be a lack of real quality coming through for outfield players (at least in the last few years). Such as exciting young players we have brought previously, who have been deemed ''premiership quality'' (Eadie, Lee Marshall, Bellamy).
  3. cedric anselin, Erik fugelstaad!!
  4. Walker owns/ owned a skip company in rackheath. Not sure if he still has it!?
  5. Is it me or does this happen every time? we employ a manager, who no offense probably shouldnt have been there anyway, and instantly the fans get on their back and he loses his job! Its about time we maybe started looking beyond management and maybe look at what the board is giving the manager to work with? shouldnt have sacked worthington!!!!!!!!

    However.............Nobody has mentioned one time leeds legend David O''leary?? ive never thought he''s done badly at any team he managed?? 

  6. The way i see it, i dont think the board know exactly how to attract a big name manager to a club like norwich!! The days of norwich playing pretty football from what ive seen this season have vanished!! No big name manager is going to want a club in the bottom 3 of the 2nd tier of english football! these are the names mentioned

    Bruce - still employed at brum

    keegan - out of the game 4 good

    jewell , hoddle - probably shouldnt be in the game anyway!

    allen - lower league management

    reid - out of the game too long, doesnt know the market!

    how about we mention some names that would probably do a good job at norwich who want back into the game but everyone seems to be overlooking, good managers that have had good reputations in the past!! ..........David O''leary anyone???