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  1. Just seen Ian Crook boarding a plane here in Auckland!!! should be there by 9.15
  2. Its Gunny look at the betting Bryan Gunn has disappeared from betting  
  3. As again if we told you where we got it from we would be in trouble from those who told us.
  4. A man in my positions not allowed to lie!, doesnt matter where in the world good news travels fast!!
  5. Its gonna be Ady, secret source just believe me!!. See you tomorrow for the thanks  
  6. Bruce Rioch to become caretaker manager until end of season, you know where you heard it 1st 
  7. After being offered a free ticket yesterday i decided to go and watch my team at carrow road for the 1st time this season. At precisely 15.23 i felt that watchin jeff and the boys surely was a better bet in the comfort of my lounge.The first half i was trying to work out was the hell was going on. Everything was going down the right to crofty which forest soon cottoned on to.Otsemebor has lost his confidence, you cant play bell crofty and wes in the same team (too light weight). At half time i said to my mate what did Matty Pattison bring to the team.It wasnt until the 60th minute when the change was made that we looked like scoring. You could see from body language that only a few were there who gave there best.Obviously Glenn has lost the dressing room with his arrogance and needs to go ASAP before Norwich drop down a division.  I know a few people where Glenn eats and dines at the Larling Angel who says he''s not a well respected man and only talks me me me.Dont normally criticise our managers but get Ady Boothroyd in or Dion before its too late!!!
  8. Also was told that Kennedy also plays no part, something again to do with his transfer details not through in time.
  9. Dont think he will play tonight, have heard he hasnt had clearance from the Italian FA
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