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  1. Can some of you please note that there are many Welsh Canary fans both living in Wales Norwich and various parts of England. Swansea itself isnt the greatest looking city but it is nestled in some of the most beautiful countryside in the British Isles. Two of the nearby beaches are in the World top 20. etc etc So when coming out with racist comments or slagging off Wales, a Welshman in green and yellow could be standing next to you at both home AND away fixtures!!
  2. No I''m not the ''Police'' I just thought it was a very well written piece as I was at the game and thought it was an accurate and balanced report. I thought I''d highlight it as a good read , especially for those who weren''t able to attend.
  3. I read this match report from yesterday and think it is one of the best I have read and though it deserved to be highlighted: It was previously under ''Anyone Back from Hull''?: What do you think?? Travelled on the cross country express and have been back in my northern base for a while now, plenty of time for reflection on a tough away day. I feel it is important to stress that the quality of the pitch at the KC hampered many of our moves today, with Wessi in particular struggling to bring the ball under control in the blink of an eye as many will be familiar with when on home turf. The first half was a tight affair with Hull''s front two looking tricky to handle at times, especially with the likes of Koren and Rosenior supporting the attack. Despite this Hull''s best early chances came from uncharacteristic errors when passing the ball around from the back reminiscent of Swansea''s horror goal last weekend. Ruddy was reliable as ever though when shots did make it through and I don’t think the faithful behind the goal where ever too scared. Our goal came from a free kick taken by Fox who planted the ball onto the head of the giant Whitbread who out leapt the onrushing Guzan to head into an empty net. We were good value for the lead on the whole although Hull did make us work hard at times. In fairness they really should have equalised but somehow Harper skied over from only a few yards after a Fryatt pullback. We had struggled at times with Wes hardly involved at times in the first half in particular. Second half saw a clever tweak to the formation from Lambert with Lansbury swapping with Wes. Hull were quick to pressure after the restart however we soon started to show our class with impressive passing and moving soon leading to us looking a real threat. We have developed a trusted way of playing in which moments of defence our soon converted into us attacking by way of slick passing and Fox spreading the ball wide. One of these moves involving Lansbury and a clever Holt knockdown allowed the ever impressive Martin to break into the box with only Dawson and Guzan to beat. He was composed on the ball and looked to make space to shoot. Unfortunately, Dawson had obviously tired of wearing the hideous Hull kit and decided he would take Martins off his back in the crudest of fashion. Fair play to Martin, he held firm and got his shot away when others would have surely tumbled, most likely believing a penalty decision was only seconds away. To the despair of the faithful behind the goal no decision came and Martin was clearly livid squaring up to Dawson. At this point all faith in the referee was lost and we knew we''d have to do it the hard way. Decisions started going against us for a while although we got on with things and continued to look classy. On 60 minutes Lappin cam on for Surman who seemed a tad tired and immediately looked up for the challenge, tackling sharply looking to ping his trademark balls into the box whenever possible. A Hull break down the wing was nearly ended when Martin mistimed his tackle sending their player flying, however the referee who had played advantages throughout the afternoon let play continue allowing Fryatt to set up Barmby for a simple finish. This merely meant that City turned up the heat with Lambert making a surprise change with Fox being replaced by Jackson. This was a very pleasing change as the intent was clearly there as we went for the jugular in the final 10-15 minutes. Holt and Lansbury were causing all sorts of problems, outmuscling their defence and knocking the ball on for our supporting players regularly now. There were three chances at the end that on another day would have seen us celebrating a win. Jackson turned brilliantly when it looked it had been forced wide. His shot was hit with power across the goal and would have surely nestled in the bottom corner if it had been a few inches higher. As it was Guzan pulled of a match winning save, tipping it around the far post. A Holt knockdown then set Lansbury through on goal, although he was under immense pressure and as tried to poke the ball goal ward as Guzan rushed to block. Unfortunately it was agonisingly wide by a few inches and Jackson was unable to get to the by-line in time to squeeze it in despite his best efforts. Hull remained a threat on the break having made attacking changes themselves, although their chances were predominantly long shots coming after a back line had shepherded them well, never really troubling Ruddy despite one flashing just wide near the death. Finally Wes looked to beat about 5 of their defenders by jinking through to goal after breaking into their penalty area. I thought I was about to witness one of the all time great goals but again Hull were able to block at the last with Wes having skinned about 4 of them. 1-1 was probably a fair result although we certainly feel hard done by considering the blatent foul on Martin when through on goal. We showed that we can battle hard and can play on poor quality pitches. The fans were awesome away again with Lambert and the team quick to acknowledge us at the end. MoM: is tough again although Henri Lansbury probably just nicks it for never letting Hull rest for the full 90.
  4. I am based in Altrincham, near Manchester. Is there anyone interested in sharing the ride to Hull. I don''t mind whether I drive or not. I have allso posted on Northern Canaries Facebook page. Thanks
  5. Don''t ask me how I know, but I do.... The player himself is desperate to come to Norwich. Apart from all the footballing reasons;, we''re on the brink of the Premiership, we have excellent facilities and a brilliant management team etc. There are two other reasons: there is some doubt as to whether he could cut it in the Prem, but his personal advisers recognise the coaching ethos at Norwich to be one of his best chances in making the step up. Secondly, coming to Norwich means that he doesn''t have to move house and I believe there are ''family'' connections to the management at Peterborough FC. We offered £2.7 million and I believe that £3m to £3.2m would make it a done deal. Personally, I say lets get on with it so that he can be utilised for at least 8 games if not 9. Celtic are the other big chasers but the player would not want to move home etc... We are in pole position!!
  6. Fantastic result last night and just ten to go! Everyone involved with the Club MUST keep focussed on gaining one of the automatic promotion places and avoid the lottery of the play offs! I agree with comments elsewhere that some of the fans at home matches have not helped the cause this season and we need to re-unite and become one big, POSITIVE voice again. The Team will have some off moments along the way for sure but we MUST help them through. I challenge Archant and others to set up a campaign for the home match run-in where we have hand-outs and free banners etc. to get the mood right before kick-off and during the game. It''s been done before but I can''t recall the details! What does everyone think????
  7. Apart from trying to predict what points we could or should pick up from our fourteen remaining fixtures, I am fascinated to discover that there are sixteen fixtures amongst the current top eight, where they will take points from each other. Norwich are involved in just three of these now: at Leicester and Swansea as well as the home game against Forest. This could go a long way to helping us achieve enough points from our own fixtures to gain automatic promotion. Finishing with 86 points should do it, but these thirteen fixtures identified (where Norwich aren''t involved) could help reduce that minimum requirement! Still, as always, let''s concentrate on our own games and gaining as many wins as possible!
  8. Ricardo, As always an excellent report, I was there this afternoon and your words offer a well composed summary to those that weren''t! As you say, we need to be more clinical in the final third and finish teams off much earlier. I also think we should now go all out for an auto position and bring two more in on loan. Both of course need to be above the average of our current quality and should give us further strength in depth. One striker and one midfielder for me....
  9. PL will surely be feeling the pressure this week as he prepares the squad to go again at Burnley. He is well aware that the strikers, especially in terms of putting the ball in the back of the net, are not delivering at the moment. So, all I am saying is that this his first really serious test for a long time and there certainly appeared to be tell-tale signs in his post match interview last night. He may have thought being back at home might have produced a change, but it didn''t. I am quite confident that he will work his magic once more over the next 3 - 4 days, but if they fail again at Burnley, what do you think he will do? Surely at this stage and in the current poistion we are in, he will need to take more drastic steps. Your views please?
  10. Ricardo, I''ve wanted to say this for a long time, many thanks for your excellent match reports. They always seem sensible, balanced and well thought out. Whether I have attended a game or not, they are an excellent read to help reflect on what has actually happened that day. Keep them coming.......
  11. Is there anybody willing to give me a lift from Hale/Altrincham area of Manchester to the Burnley game on Saturday?? Many thanks in advance.....
  12. Ren, Herman and Exited Canary, Thank you for your help. The site you suggest is very good but the shirts I''m after aren''t there just at the moment, I''ll re-visit regularly to see if they come up in the future. Thanks again, much appreciated!    
  13. Yes that''s really helpful. I''m obviously trying like most people these days, avoiding that crap and ineffective site. Clearly, I ve tried the more obvious rtoutes. I was looking for a helpful suggestion from a fellow Canary fan with at least an ounce of common sense! Is there one out there?
  14. Anyone got an Asics or a Poll & Withey NCFC shirt for sale?
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