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  1. England to win the world cup for me. Norwich born and bred, but English by birth, English by the grace of god. If it was England or Norwich to win the premiership or FA cup...Norwich....but promotion over the world cup??? No chance!!!
  2. Ok Mr Cowling has brought it all up again, but hopefully thats done and dusted, apologys will be made and have been made, so lets draw a line and get back to normal. Whats happened isnt a life or death issue, nobody has died, just ignore all this Colchester rivalry crap, its like Arsenal starting a rivalry with Barnet. As Norwich fans we have nothing to fear from Colchester. They will never be our local rivals. They will never be a threat to us. They will never be a bigger club than us. Lets leave the big boys in League One mentality behind us now, and move on and concntrate on Champioship clubs or even premiership clubs, and leave Colchester to midtable finishes in a crap league. They are irrelevant to us. Ipswich our are rivals, always have been always will, let Colchester to play with the like of Southend and Leyton orient. Norwich fans are better than this Colchester/Cowling obsession. We are better than this. Lets get back to hating the real scum and that pillock Roy Keane. OTBC!!!
  3. and he knows that if the national press decided to make an issue of this he really could look extremely foolish. I don''t think we''ll be hearing from Mr Cowling again after this. Ive a funny feeling this may be in one or 2 nationals....maybe not the sundays, but look out for the red tops on monday.
  4. The main issue here is how unprofessional he has been, washing his dirty laundry in public, acting like a spoiled child over our ticket allocation for the game at theirs, and making it all very personal when its nothing more than business. See what you mean Morty, and yes he has got crap hair.......the thing is we were also unprofessional about it....thats why it went to a tribunal......but I agree with most of what you say. My main gripe in this issue, is a Norwich fan takes the piss then cries to the papers when he gets a reaction, that he was blatantly after.
  5. Seriously, come off it, Cowling has become a figure of hate for us for a long time now Thats my point though Morty, im not going to argue, I repect your opinion..but why has he become a hate figure???...because he was pissed off Norwich took his manager, a very good manager, and only offered us peanuts....now say the roles had been reversed and Burnley took Lambert when he was linked, but offered us £50,000 which is what we apprently offered......wouldnt you be hacked off???.........to hate someone who ahs been hard done by....sorry, I dont like Cowling, but I dont hate him either....he hasnt done himself any favours with comments all season.....but if our chairman reacted the same if Lambert was poached by Burnley and we were offered Peanuts....I would back my chairman...
  6. To say that we would be better off without him, is to be totally ignorant of his position within the club - he owns the whole lot. I''m glad to see that some of you recognise that nobody really comes out of this latest episode at all well. It''s never wise when talking about people to start mentioning the Nazis and I''m glad he has apologised, but if many of us had some of things we''d broadcast to the world via football messageboards quoted in the newspapers I think we would all feel a bit chastened. Didn''t wish to interrupt your board but the question was asked. Good post SirRobbie.....I and others on here think the NCFC fan is a moron for crying to the papers. Cowlings apologised - will the city fan and the evening news???
  7. Wonder if th idiot fan who cried to the papers also informed any of the national tabloids??? Is this a big enough story for them??? Also I would like to say, that over the last 2/3 months the Evening News has gone from a readable local paper to bordering on a bloody tabloid!!! If I wanted to read sensationalism I would buy The Sun not the evening news......anyone know why they have changed there aproach lately???
  8. Spot on Willmeister. Im sure there were more than this guy who had "dodgy" emails, but he was the only fool who went crying to the papers.
  9. What I think is strange also is the fact Cowling let this particular email get to him. maybe others were decent enough, to realise that if you talk to someone like crap, you get treated the same....and didnt go running to the nearest paper. The Norwich fan who sent the email is a bit like someone punching someone else and when they get hit back running to the police. No offence grantroederdisater, but the mount of abuse people put up with in football is ridiculous....Eric Cantona reacted....hes treated as a legend...Craig Bellamy reacted in the manc derby......I took my son to a game with his friends years ago, they started shouting abuse at the keepr...now I cant recall the keepers name, but he truned around and shouted F#ck up and give a rest lads....I didnt get the hump...good for him for sticking up for himself......ive heard footballers being caller all sorts of things....some of the monkey chants years ago and bananas thrown on the pithc ...at carrow roadf...not millwall or chelsea...Norwich...people eventually react, its in your nature. Majority of people act now think later.......im sure you have all done, i know i have.
  10. What I think is strange also is the fact Cowling let this particular email get to him. maybe others were decent enough, to realise that if you talk to someone like crap, you get treated the same....and didnt go running to the nearest paper. The Norwich fan who sent the email is a bit like someone punching someone else and when they get hit back running to the police.
  11. Oh no! A stranger on the internet doesnt like me!! However will I continue? I think you will find 99% of "strangers" on the internet think you are a silly kid, going by replys to your posts youngster. Oh.....and....by....the....way....you....are....only...the....5th....person...today...to...make....this...."joke"....not...new...not...original........cock........
  12. Agree with some of what you say Morty....perhaps half of what i said and half of what you say and you may have the answer.
  13. CT you wonder why people dismiss your comments and call you a silly kid??? Whats is closer to the truth though is he is apologising because he got caught, probably not because he is genuinely sorry. I dont agree with that to be honest Morty...hes been saying exactly how he feels all his life, and has never apologised for some very outrageous claims......I don think this is a genuine apology. CT.....=.......T..............W.............A..........T.......!!!
  14. Thanks for the link Queen B Look, Cowlings been man enough, to apologise.....I belive this to be sincere and he, points out his passion for his club got the better of him.....any NCFC fan who is passionate about thier club can relate to his apology and the passion you feel for our club. I for one accept the apology....and once the the norwich fan and the Evening News and Simon Wright the jounelist who wants to turn The Evening News into The Daily Sport apologise....I consider this matter closed. Colchester are not and never will be a threat to us....lets all move on after apologies are made by all who created this mess, and get back to normal by directing our hate towards Ipsh:t LOL..........OTBC!!!
  15. I have to say I agree completely with Arthurs initial post, well said Thanks Rudolph, seems the latter in the day it got, the more people thought the Norwich fan sending a provocative email in the 1st place started this petty battle.......perhaps when people initially read it, they were angry, then as it sunk in and they understood the NCFC fella was a bit of a d;ck for sending it in the 1st place, reality set in.
  16. I think you''re getting a bit paranoid Arthur, we''re not all out to get you, you know. You are, you are all ganging up on me....its a bloody conspirecy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I tried that on google and it just came up with this bloody thread and the Eveningnews24..........maybe this internet lark isnt for me......
  17. No Arthur, why on earth would I want to push you down a flight of stairs? LOL. Hope there wasnt any sarcasim in that mate LOL. Try the link a few times, one of the times I tried it, it didn''t work either. Tried it 4 times and still nothing!!!!!!!!
  18. Its a 30 page PDF file Arthur, he won''t be able to. It should work though. Oh LOL...maybe not then, that would add 300 pages to the thread......... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people are like slinkies, they serve no use, but its real good fun pushing them down a flight of stairs is that aimed at me Morty lad LOL.
  19. Well done, Wessex Exile. You''ve (or whoever) found out that the emailer is a Norwich fan who owns a local business that buys advertising space from Norwich City. well not being funny, but that could explain why he got front page, and why there was only a small mention at the end of the article that he did swear at Cowling.
  20. Wessex exile....out of interest i tried to copy and paste but it didnt work. Would you be kind enough to find your link and copy and paste the whole article and post on here out of curiosity. Cheers.
  21. A photo of Constable Savage from not the 9''oclck news would be good!!!
  22. My last ever comment on this Robbie Cowling issue that has dragged on for months, and is getting riidiculous, and we are no longer even in the same bloody league, let alone local rivals, rivalry has never existed before this season, and I think it was a bit desperate starting a rivalry with Colchester over this issue, jus becasue we didnt have Ipsh:t to play games with last season.............. It takes 2 to tango.............Robbie Cowling AND Norwich fans need to move on.................
  23. haha yes I do often enjoy a pint of banter on a sunny day..... The damage is done. and my pock marked face will never be the same again LOL Norwich Casual.
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