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  1. What the hay - all in reckon. My nap for week - Norwich win for me please
  2. For a guy who hasnt featured really at all for a good period, didn''t think he did too bad at all. Looked lively, gave the Bristol defence something different to think about. Yes, he missed a couple but he was in the right area and you got to be in the right place to miss. Think it was also very telling that on him coming off, Lambert gave him a really warm greeting. Top man management i thought and it wouldnt surprise me to see Jackson pop up with a couple of crucial goals before the end of the season!
  3. LINFIELD -v- Newry HOME WIN for me please     Best of luck City Angel - hope you bring it home this time
  4. Crusaders to beat Nortel Fc in the Irish cup for me please. Won''t be great odds but this has to be home banker
  5. A positive post with very little to find fault with. As far as I''m concerned with our record against Palace and teams in London generally, I''m more than happy to take a point - looking back at the end of the season, you never know how important it might be. More so if we get 3 at home on Tuesday night
  6.  Running late this weekend so the unexcititng pick of a Barcelona win for me please
  7. Home win for Anderlecht for me please    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
  8. Barcelona Home win for me please ;)       Unexciting I know!
  9. For the first time i think, I''ll be going for a Norwich home win please
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