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  1. I must adnit although it was only his second game he did look edgy when crosses were flying around the box and if is not dealt with by the coaches he will have problems because other teams coaches will just put every cross on top of him, rough him up and really make life difficult for him. It is very difficult to be facing your own goal as a defender heading the ball away. I think Paul Crichton will work on this aspect of his game very quickly and hopefully get it right so he does sort out his feet movements and get better routes to the ball. As for his distribution it was poor and he really should have been using the full backs a lot quicker. It is difficult when you only play one up top as he has one target to aim for and 2 defenders round that target. Hopefully he will come good as he has good stature is loud but for me a little static when the ball is being delivered into the box. Lets back Paul Crichton to get these things right and hope that it was just nerves in his first home game
  2. I saw the game today and must say Norwich played well even though they sat a little deep at times. Wigan had a lot of the ball but with the system we used the counter attack was always on. We used this to good effect especially the third goal. Agreed that Hoolahan,Whalley,OTJ ans Semmy looked very good today but my main concern was the goalkeeper. He looked glued to his line and did not seem to want to get involved when crosses were flying around the box. Also his distribution was a little slow as players wanted the ball early but he just wanted to boot the ball up field. This is not a slating of Theo but an honest observation. There is no doubt he is not fully up to speed due to the Hip injury but i am a little concerned that he may not be good enough. lets hope I am wrong
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