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  1. Waynes brother playing very well at Macclesfield at the moment, 18 years old. Plays in midfield or just behind the front 2, a back up for hoolahoop maybe? What do you guys think?
  2. true but if we were to lose Wes i think Hucks could come on for the last 20 minutes and bring a new dimension to the team. A different option and i think he could do a job at this level for a year or so.
  3. With lambert now in charge i guess hucks coming back in any position at the club is a lost cause. Unless lambert knows what it will mean to the fans.
  4. Has anyone heard any news about new signing that lambert has in mind?
  5. you get lost im telling the truth you guys put gunn down aqnd when we wins hes ok make up your minds support the team thats why they calls us supporters. BTW yo totally missed my point not once did i say i was a better supporter.
  6. its still fresh in my mind i was in as much shock and pain as you im sure but get behind the team you apparently support.
  7. What happened to all those so called supporters that were putting down Delia and Gunn? I thought that Gunn wasn''t qualified to win a game? So if we start winning are all of you going to go back on your beliefs? There''s a thing.
  8. that showed some good ability in the Colechester game were Hoolahan, Drury, Cody and Adeyemi surely those four will be in starting line up in the next game.What about anyone else see any of our players that looked to have at least some ability?
  9. Whats your problem? support your damn team, supporters real supporters stick by their team through thick and thin. By the way Delia did save the club dumbass you need to brush up on some club history. Sort it out pal, Do you even go to games have a season ticket? if so why? if your not going to get behind the club then go support someone else like the scum. Moron
  10. Let me ask you Freebie City F.C. are you actually a norwich fan? seriously? get behind the team get behind the manager. Oh and next time you make a post try and understand what your talking about before you go off ranting. Gunn has to sign some freebies because the club has no money, and even with that fact hes still signing players in exchange for money Holt, Wiggins, Whaley. Also when he took over he took over roeders team and when he did sign players they are the ones that stuck out as good players in a bad team. Be a supporter for christ sake.
  11. This i have to say is one of the most exciting pre-seasons for a long time. The last 2 under Roeder and Grant werent as thrilling does anyone agree? I cant wait for the season to start and see how all the new guys do.  
  12. imagine who we could have brought if no one claimed their rebates
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