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  1. Im on cloud nine at the moment for what Sir Glenn has done to our fantastic Club. Them blue t**ts down the road have gone very quiet. Had a tear in my eye when that Ched goal went in. Norwich are Back!! When you break down get the RAC (Roeder and Clark).
  2. just had a look and i think it may be dave jones.
  3. http://www.imageco.com/signs/new-jersey/paterson.htm
  4. Has Sir Glenn got a chance of manager of the month for january?
  5. I bloody hope they bring back terracing one day. I personally feel the atmosphere is nowhere near as good as it was when the barclay was terracing. It was non stop singing back then. And it was superb when we scored and everyone was going mental and charging towards the fence. What are other peoples thoughts?
  6. The coach is being serviced at the garage. I think the first team players fly to away games.
  7. The sooner delia leaves the better IMO. The club can then move forward we some good investment. While she is on the board we will fizzle out in the fizzy league. She is about as much use as a glass hammer at a carpenters convention.    
  8. The board i think at the moment are in a power struggle and some want to strengthen the team, some want to pay off more of the debts. Under the current board at NCFC we will not get in the premiership, we will just make up numbers in the fizzy league. PG needs a board to back him 100% all the way and just dont think they do that. Anyway thats my onion ( i mean onion) bloody did it again. I meant opinion.   I cut myself at work today and green and yellow blood poured out.   ON THE BALL CITY!!
  9. Football today will never be the same as it was back in the days of  terracing. Arriving at the ground, going into a packed barclay terrace and standing next to the away fans and fans skirmishing back and forward goading each other at the fences. The atmosphere was electric then. Also the lovely burgers they done then at the back of the stand (horse meat burgers). The smell of piss and people smoking and beer. Brings a tear to my eye.   Best days by far,  Gone but certainly not forgotten.
  10. I would be willing to meet up and discuss what direction the football club is moving in. I agree with everything Arthur Whittle says, and yes he is geniune (and not a binner like some people seem to think). Maybe we could all have a day out paintballing. (only yellow and green paint balls mind you). What does everyone think?
  11. Get this clown out of this Great club!  Its gone stale.
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