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  1. Hi I’ve had a persistent problem over past few months. I click on pink un website on my iPhone. It starts to load and the gets hijacked by a betting website - usually Skybet. The word ‘data’ appears in my search line and the screen shows a message saying open in App Store. Even if I press cancel it still diverts me. I’m now on point of giving up on this website because it’s so frustrating. I’ve emailed Archant but no response so I’m guessing it’s a cookie they’ve allowed an advertiser to place even though I’ve opted out of these. Any ideas anyone? Please? Thanks Tony
  2. Just been through club accounts that arrived today. I can find no clue as to how much it cost us to be rid of Hughton. Has anyone else spotted anything?
  3. I''ve spent 10 minutes searching Canaries.co.uk web site for the ticket buy back scheme as I wish to sell back my season tickets for the Leeds game. I have now given up. If they want people to use this scheme, why not make it easy? Also I''m not prepared to spend money calling on 0844 number. Tried to send them a message and it won''t go because it claims there are invalid characters! So if there are two empty seats in the lower Barclay it is not for want of my trying to sell them!
  4. HI I will be in San Francisco when Wolves Norwich game is played. Does anyone know if it will be live on tv there and, if so, which channel. Or does anyone know any bars there that show football at 8 am local time? Thanks
  5. actually I''m hating every moment of this. I felt sick when I was told. The only thing I could think of was to share it with fellow Norwich fans. If we were middle americans, I''m sure we''d all be praying. As it is all I''m doing is hoping that he has a long chat with Martin O''Neill - and that he will be convinced that Villa is not the place to be.
  6. Didn''t say I was a sports journalist did I?
  7. No, I meant they had offered him £200k a year more, Sorry for confusion. I was replying in short to another poster,
  8. ''This Tosser'' is a journalist on a national newspaper and the source is genuine. The reason I have so few posts is that I only bother when there is something to say - and I am more than 90 per cent it is accurate. I only hope that nothing comes of it.
  9. £200k a year. But I agree it is the budget for players that will be the deciding factor. Let''s just cross everything and hope.
  10. I have heard from a very good source that Paul Lambert is talking to Villa today along with assistants. The word is that he has been offered £200,000 more than he gets at Norwich. Worse. If he goes his first signing could be Holt. Let''s hope it''s not a done deal. Come on Delia. If ever there was a time to dig deep it is now.
  11. So the latest rumour on QPR is that the verdict is delayed and won''t be out until Saturday at earliest and possibly Sunday. That would create a marvelous farce where after the final game of the season we won''t know who are the champions and who is runner-up. Will QPR get to parade the trophy? The fools in charge of our sport have no understanding of the passions and emotions of real fans.
  12. So Bryan Robson and Joe Royle have thrown their hats into the ring for the Norwich job. Hopefully Delia will ignore both, especially as she has declared she wants a winner. Can you imagine anything worse than Robson? He''s a serial failure at management but a permanent fixture on the old boys'' network. Loved by the pundits but not by the fans. Earnie would be straight out of the door at the first opportunity. I have a mate  who''s a West Brom fan. He says Robson treated Earnie appallingly. Let''s hope we get a bright young manager rather than a washed up old man. Also, thanks to Nigel, not only for the good times but also for the amazing dignity he displayed even after he had been sacked. Let''s hope he finds a new job soon - I''m sure he''ll make a success of it    
  13. I agree - ban the ''fan''. Personally I can''t believe how naive the magistrates were. Do they really believe that someone who shouts racist abuse, and then threatens the person who complains, won''t do it again?    The magistrates should have made an example of him - instead he''s got off scott-free. What sort of a message does that send to others like him?    I don''t want my children to hear racist abuse at a football match, solet''s home City kick him out for good.      
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