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  1. Was anyone sitting near block o in the jarrold stand near row ii and right at the back was a luton fan who was loving it when they were 2-0 up but when it was 2-2 he shut up an alot of city fans were just cheering right infront of him then when earnie scored it was quality everyone turned round an shouted " WHO ARE YA" BRILLIANT!!! anyway well done lads!!!
  2. i believe hunter coming in as had a massive effect on the players and especailly worthy, i think hunter is a very bright prospect for managment material, but with worthy not budging and all credit to him if he carry on like this long should he stay, but hunter will make him a better manager. SIGN  SUTTON PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  3. All the scouts from holland were saying Colin is a very very bright prospect and couldn''t understand why psv let him go, at first i could see why they let him go, now he has got a natraul right winger to help him out he looks the very very bright prospect the dutch scouts were talkin about , the same as Etuhu and robinson the season is starting to look very good!!!
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