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  1. Thanks! It''s pretty much work in progress at the moment. As I have an away season ticket, there''s always a write up of the day. Look out for them.
  2. Alright? Haven''t posted on here for an age. As a member of the Capital Canaries, and regular away traveller, I''ve started to document such games in the form of a blog. Have a look... http://www.awaydays.at Now, I''m no writer, it''s just something I enjoy doing. Also, I''d like to add various features to this, so feel free to let me know your thoughts. Oh, I haven''t made this responsive yet so the layout might look odd if you''re viewing on a smartphone. In footballing news, great turnout on Wednesday night. Good to have midweek league action back. Thanks, Aaron
  3. I''ll be in The Albion, which is in Shoreditch/Bethnal Green area. Great football pub, despite it being a WBA themed place - the staff are very welcoming of all fans.
  4. it''s like Alan Partridge commentating. I did enjoy wondering what the hell was going on when he was on the air. bring him back for commical value.
  5. hair like a girl? nice sterotypical view there that all men with long hair are girl-like.pathetic.same with McVeigh,,,,,who cares about their hair length!?!?! if everyone looked the same it would be a very dull world.
  6. ahhh good ole Rivo, girlfriends mum lived next door to him. sent me a birthday card before we sold him. true story that.no idea where he is now, probably agree with Pete, fishing somewhere.
  7. discuss...<a href="http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=454524&CPID=10&clid=&lid=4&title=League+to+consider+shoot-outs&channel=&"> shoot-outs?</a>
  8. me. although i have for quite a while. since going to UNI i''ve kept my season ticket, missed almost every decent game in our Premiership Season and last season making the journey back every other saturday to see us play teams like Luton wasnt very tempting. i guess i could say i''ve lost the passion. as i didn''t even watch the game yesterday/ and next season I won''t get a student price, god dammit. and I could be working anywhere! last seasons game against QPR, when sections of the barclay were cheering when QPR scored made my mind up otherwise. other than that, the 10/11 years i''ve had it has been fun :D
  9. so i see :Di was too lazy to scroll down the page so it seems.think i''ll be at the shed, not keen on walkabout.bring on the scum!!!
  10. well, if there is, and your reading this, do you know of any pubs/bars that will be showing the game on sunday????as it kicks off at stupid o''clock, us student types will find it hard to get out of bed, let alone wonder around that early trying to find somewhere.cheers for your help.Aaron.
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