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  1. [quote user="shefcanary"]I think Lanners should be used as Holt''s sidekick - better that than the one footed tentative goal shy Jackson.  [/quote]Yes, and then we could say that we had Henri playing up front!Well somebody had to say it...
  2. More importantly, he has one of the best names in football. He sounds like something from Jeeves and Wooster: "Ballly Smart old chap!" "Nip down shops and get a pound of dates and be Bally Smart about it!"
  3. Contrary to what a lot of people think, I thought the forwards played some pretty decent attacking football - there were some nice passing moves. Only problem with playing such attacking football is that it left us very exposed on the counter attack. All Watford had to do was soak up the pressure and hit us on the break, which they did very effectively three times. I think it shows some tactical niavity so perhaps employing a more defensive formation might help. I do think, however, that the defence was poor; Ward doesn''t look fit, and still not sure about Ruddy (hope I''m wrong though), like to see Korey back in the side, and Jackson needs to sharpen up fast or he will lose his place when Holt returns to full fitness. Anyway, keep the faith, trust in Lambert - He doesn''t suffer fools gladly and anyone who doesn''t perform will be playing in the reserves.    
  4. It all makes sense.We lost the opening game of last season, poached the manager that beat us, and then got promoted as champions.Soooooooo.....Let''s sack Lambert, poach Malky Mackay and then we''ll be in the Prem by Christmas!
  5. Thanks for the tip Mellow! However, I was thinking, that in order to blend in I should where a shirt and scarf that was more in keeping with the local area, West Ham Perhaps?  
  6. I''m sure he''ll be popular with the laydeeez ;-) Honestly, though, let''s give the guy a chance, a run in the first team, a goal or two to settle his nerves and he might just suprise us. To be honest £300 K for potential doesn''t seem to bad to me.
  7. The jury may still be out on Peter Grant but thank fiddlesticks it wasn''t Souness or Robson.
  8. Hi, I thought the rule was an hour and a halfs travel away. In which case, do you think we could start recruiting in Holland? I wouldn''t mind a couple of Ajax rejects coming to carrow road ;-)
  9. To echo other comments in this post. I would say it is refreshing to have a manager that is a bit more vocal and bit more honest. No more tired clichés about "the lads giving 110%" after a 4 nil drubbing. If it''s a poor performance PG will say so. The only thing that worries me about PG''s management style is the public criticism of players. For example, McVeigh have come in for some fairly weighty criticism in recent weeks. Arguably deserved but shouldn''t this kind of thing be done behind closed doors not in front of the press. I think it''s okay to crticise a team performance i.e. "we didn''t defend well" or "we were lacking in the final third" but to publicly express doubts about an individual player could cause resentment and ill-feeling in the long run. What do other people think, is it okay for a manger to criticise individual players in public?        
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