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  1. lucky green , you state failure to hold on to deano etc .. do you think all this paper talk has unsettled the fella ? i think your main prob is with your manager , he reminds me in some ways of our great glen roeder , just think what you could do with say 10 mill if you sell them two  , you could buy at least 5 decent players to get you out on the fizzy pop with that , good luck to you
  2. hi you canaries , west ham fan here .. not come to gloat or nothing , i actualy like norwich and if i wasnt a hammer i would watch you , nice city  , and your ground and atmosphere is always good if i recall  , do you think deano will be sold ? is 7 mill a decent price for him , and in your minds is he worth it ? ps hope you finish above them suffolk **** !!
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