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  1. When Heckingbottom was a Norwich player I asked Worthy about him as I was thinking of recommending him to a club. Worthy told me that Heckingbottom hadn''t settled and wanted to leave to go back to Yorkshire. I thanked him for letting me know and passed a tip to him in return... to sign Dean Ashton.
  2. "ll give you a stat Tom.... 6 of the last 7 managers haven''t lasted 2 years in the job...... Fan impatience? Bad luck? Or lack of knowledge/competence/support from the top?"The average tenure for a football manager is about a year and 3 months. The average in the Championship tends to be less. Therefore managers have tended to last a bit longer at Norwich than the average. That is understandable considering there have been a some promotions.I have been saying for years, I think the main problem at Norwich City has stemmed from the recruitment of players. The board have made money available to spend but a lot of it has been wasted.
  3. "I am however mystified why Cavendish won''t answer his own question, he''s very good at banging on with repetitive questions to everyone else with points he doesn''t like, presumably expecting answers, but when the boot is on the other foot............silence." I have already answered your question.
  4. "What do YOU think she gets out of NCFC?"I have established that Delia certainly isn''t in it to make money nor to gain publicity for herself.  I therefore conclude that Delia is in it for genuine reasons as a fan helping the club she and her husband both love.
  5. Do you not realise how utterly absurd your claim is?Delia has been one of the most respected famous people in the UK for decades and has put millions of pounds of her own money into the club... and yet you seriously think Delia is involved with NCFC for "Publicity worth hundreds of thousands"?
  6. I can''t see the full interview but the EDP says that Delia and MWJ said they don''t want to sell the club, they would like a long-term manager, and they spoke up for fans being messed about by fixture changes and the cost of tickets.What is wrong with that?
  7. [quote user="JF"]See the times interview to begin with[/quote]I don''t subscribe to the Times but can see the preview which says "Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones have voiced their fears for the future of the game they love and want the government to intervene in the running of English football. They believe that supporters are being betrayed, that the Premier League has warped priorities" etc. It is their opinion and it seems fair enough. What have MWJ and Delia done wrong?
  8. As I''ve said before... the spending priority is to support the manager to build a squad to achieve promotion to the Premier League. Once promoted the priority will be to stay there.As others have said, replacing the City Stand isn''t great value for money for a relatively small increase in capacity.A way to fund a much better stadium without it having a detrimental impact upon the playing budget is to involve other partners such as the UEA and local council. If Norwich have failed to be promoted by the time the parachute payments have stopped then the prospect of a new/improved stadium is likely to increase as it could help to provide new revenue streams to help increase the playing budget.Investing in the stadium etc. to provide additional funds for the playing budget is also a way that some use to help get around fair play rules.If people don''t like the idea of moving far from Carrow Road, there is a site available close to the stadium which was where there were plans for a Power Generation Park.You can see the site here:http://www.generationparknorwich.com/
  9. Lambert has never had much pace to lose. However, his family is settled in the Merseyside area close to his extended family so I doubt that he''d want to move to Norfolk.
  10. It was 2014 when I said Norwich should try to sign Bamford:http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun-forums/cs/forums/1/3267552/ShowPost.aspx#3267552
  11. Regarding Mulumbu, Premier League managers now prefer defensive midfielders to have a more tactical disciplined approach.Mulumbu is more of a "chaser". Even so, you need to be incredibly fit to do that effectively else you end-up chasing shadows, getting turned and being caught out of position leaving spaces. Given his level of fitness I doubt that he can last a full Premier League match being effective at what he does best.
  12. A.N. likes players who can play in a variety of positions. However, these days Premier League clubs want players who are dominant in a particular area rather than players who are ''master of none''.In addition, some of the more ''effective'' Norwich players are being played out of position.Klose - It is difficult enough to join a struggling defence at a new club without also having to play in an unaccustomed position. I have noticed that there have been occasions when the opposition are in possession making runs towards the centre and Klose has turned in the wrong direction; allowing a run on goal in the centre.  Perhaps it is because he has played nearly all of his career as a left-sided central defender.However, I don''t yet know whether Bassong or Klose is the best left-sided central defender and I don''t know how Bassong may have reacted to being moved for Klose. I think A.N. deserves the benefit of the doubt.Martin shouldn''t be selected to start as a central defender in the Premier League.Wide areas - None of the full-backs are solid at defending. They all get caught-out taking massive risks (that they often don''t need to be taking). The more cautions approach adopted by the Norwich full-backs playing against Villa would have been good if it were not for the fact that Norwich didn''t start with any wingers.Brady is a very effective left-winger but is playing at left-back where he is better than Olsson. Considering the amount of goals being conceded it is understandable that A.N. selected Brady as a left-back. However, in doing so the team has lost some of Brady''s defensive and creative attributes from the midfield where he is most effective.Redmond has been given good opportunities in his best position on the right-wing but it has been several months since he was in his best form. I think he needs to try harder. Jarvis hasn''t created much since he returned from injury. On form, I think both currently have a lot to prove they are worth a place in the staring 11.Defensive Central Midfield - mid-table clubs sometimes start with two or more defensive central midfielders. Norwich have two in the whole squad in Tettey and O''Neil. O''Neil is the type that you would expect to bring on as a sub to help see out a match.Dorrans most effective position is wide on the left cutting inside onto his right foot. In the advanced central midfield position, Wes has the best passing vision but he isn''t very physical and drifts out of matches. Naismith has provided a greater presence and found pockets of space but his passing isn''t great. Wes and Howson have been tried in wider areas but Naismith & Dorrans are more accustomed to playing in wide positions in the Premier League than either player.Strikers - Jerome has a tendency to drift into very wide positions often leaving the team with nobody up front. Mbokani tends to stay more central and unsettles defenders. Bamford can be quite adventurous looking for spaces and opportunities. I think he could be more likely to win a penalty than Jerome or Mbokani.Both Mbokani & Bamford drop deep looking to get some service. Norwich should be able to play both at times in front of a defensive Norwich central midfield.It should also mean that the Norwich full-backs don''t need to take so much risk going forwards. If they hit some longer passes then at least there would be a greater chance of a Norwich player winning the ball.I think this is the strongest forward & midfield starting selection that Norwich have:MbokaniBamfordBrady O''Neil Tettey NaismithI appreciate that A.N. hasn''t yet had the opportunity to make that forward & midfield selection.
  13. I think Tomas Kalas could be worth asking about as Chelsea are thought to have an option to recall him from his loan to Middlesbrough.
  14. - Right-sided central-defender (Martin isn''t good enough). - Left-back (then move Brady to the left-wing).- Right-back (that can defend).- Defensive central-midfielder (similar to Tettey).- Striker.
  15. [quote user="ricardo"]It''s never going to happen.[/quote]What isn''t?
  16. Yep... it is common-sense for sports clubs, eduction and community projects to look to share resources. There are possibilities as to how NC could achieve a great stadium whilst minimising the detrimental impact upon the playing budget.I also mentioned the site close to Carrow Rd as a possibility as I thought the current plans for an energy plant might not go ahead.In the news today:http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/generation_park_developers_admit_serious_problems_with_finding_investors_for_370m_energy_plant_on_edge_of_norwich_1_4330892Notice that the UEA would like to build student accommodation in the area. It would be common-sense for NCFC to look at that site. That gives the possibility of selling Carrow Road Stadium to the UEA and NC moving to a new stadium just around the corner and/or the UEA having facilities as part of a new stadium.
  17. Staff costs were down from £54m to £48.5m... but additional bonus payments for promotion back to the Premier League cost the club £11m.Therefore, did any of the players make more money from the club being relegated and then promoted than if the club had stayed in the Premier League?
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