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  1. That is spot on purple. I think fundamentally delia & michael have realised that as much as they love NCFC they demonstrably don''t know how to run a football club and so have brought in some talent that does. Although this means they may get outvoted on every major issue ultimately they realise that having independent, quality people at the helm is in their personal financial interest (ie safeguarding the value of their investment in the club) and of course their interest as fans. As you say, had they not had this epiphany they could simply have hired another yes-man who would simply have implemented their ideas (like only employing people who have a history with and ''understand'' the club - which in mcnally''s words is ''totally irrelevant''). I don''t know when they had this epiphany but mcnally''s appointment (along with the other new board members) and the retaining of Keith Harris demonstrates they want to step back from executive decision making and let someone more capable take the reins...
  2. 327 votes cast - thanks to everyone that voted. To see the results (and to vote if you haven''t already) copy and paste this into your web browser: http://www.yourfreepoll.com/qfmjjwcysr.html
  3. 50 new votes in about 5 mins... clear leader emerging.... keep em coming.
  4. sorry, this time you can click it: http://www.yourfreepoll.com/qfmjjwcysp.html
  5. Cast your vote for our new manager here (no registration required). See results as soon as you''ve voted. http://www.yourfreepoll.com/qfmjjwcysp.html
  6. someone at pinkun towers just posted this on twitter -- ideas on what it refers to? pinkun Norwich City exclusive in Tuesday''s EDP, available in all local newsagents....
  7. Does anyone really know what happened with The Turners -- why they came, what they did, why they left? Enough to write a ''thebigfeller'' style post about it?
  8. yup me too... not only are they treating honest fans and paying subscribers like me as criminals by locking down the site so much it''s impossible to use if you don''t have exactly the right version of windows xp and windows media player, they can''t even make sure it''s up and running at 3 o''clock on a saturday afternoon... ncfc commercial management -- kick these clowns out and start providing a decent service to us exiles please...
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