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  1. Awesome player and a great work ethic obviously, but does anyone else find him ungainly? Looks like he's 74% elbows.
  2. Just one win and the table looks all kinds of interesting.
  3. Boris Johnson's anti-semitism has normalised the foulest sentiments from previously timid racists. These idiots see Johnson unveiling a statue of a lady who thought that Hitler had the right idea about the jews and it emboldens them. These scummy elements read Johnson's novel which contains the foulest attacks on a jewish character and feel emboldened to be more open about their racism. Only one party leader in this country has ever attacked religious dress remember, and it was Johnson. That's what Gary Neville meant, he was saying when so much of the election campaign concentrated on Boris Johnson's foul racism it meant that previously suppressed sentiments bubbled to the surface. We know it happened because racist attacks rose sharply after Johnson wrote that poisonous piece, up 375% in a week. Just think about that for a minute. Because of our PM innocent people were attacked in the street by racists. Because of Boris Johnson. Neville was spot on. Racism is on the rise and it's foolish to pretend it's a problem confined to or inspired by football.
  4. Statistically if we win the next ten games and no other team in the premiership wins we go top.
  5. After our first goal obviously I was delighted but I also thought it was like the film where the goodie punches an enormous baddie who just smiles to reveal a missing tooth. After the second I thought Cantwell's celebration was too over the top and we'd be punished for it. After Pukki's goal I thought I don't know anything about football.
  6. It wasn't till quite late tonight that Last Night of the Proms was trending higher than NCFC. All over the world, one American kid said "GO NORWICH SWANS or whatever the bird is".
  7. All leagues, you said: https://twitter.com/AlexStone7/status/1127610536873664512
  8. Finnish accent is so curious, Finnish isn't an Indo-European language, the Finns just do their own thing. "Quieter than Glasgow" - good old Norwich.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2019/apr/27/norwich-city-v-blackburn-rovers-championship-live
  10. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/42692/Norwich_City_vs_Hull_City.html
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