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  1. yesterday showed the total lack of nous worthy has in my opinion. how can he justify bringing on hendo against a physical side like blackburn instead of mcveigh or even helveg? why oh why does he persist with holt in midfield, he more than anyone else has looked out of his depth in this league and he should either bring in mulryne the most creative player at the club, or safri in place of him. it is not up front where are problems seem to lie but in midfield as we have a total lack of creativity in the midfield that our strikers have no service so how can they score goals without service? at the back it may be time to bring in shackell and move charlton to left back although it seems that worthy is reluctant to let youngsters have a chance why?
  2. a few weeks ago i started a thread about huckerby and knowing where to play him, im glad that i can now say that he is played in a sensible position! now for another thread hopefully not as controversial. HOW CAN WE TRUST WORTHY ANYMORE? everybody says he will have money to spend in january but what about the signings made this season already? of 8 signed only TWO played yesterday so that should say he has made mistakes. lets assess whats gone on with them and we can only say charlton has been a successs, admittedly 2 are keepers who havent played but what about bentley and safri? why have someone on loan and pay his wages and not even have him on the bench? when is safri gonna play instead of holt? i know for sure i dont trust him with money anymore how many of you feel the same?
  3. when i said he hadnt won any games single handedly i meant this season! i dont disagree with what he did last year but that is history now why does everybody keep going on about it? its time for us to win games in the prem not live on last seasons glory! i just dont know how best to accomodate him and as i said he needs to be a team player a bit more thats all,
  4. well, i see i stirred up a hornets nest here! many of us have differing opinions on huckerby but i never suggested he should be dropped etc as some people have suggested. the point i was tring to make was that we are BOTTOM of the league and when someone loses the ball THEY should at least attempt to win the ball back not rant and rave at teammates for not getting it for them! many of you say Hux can single handedly keep us in the prem, well you are wrong! he cant do it on his own, christ i wish he could!. the truth is he needs to be more of a team player and not be as greedy as he can be. i agree that he has looked good but has he won any matches for us SINGLEHANDEDLY? NO! as for calling me a scummer id rather boil my head than be blue that is the ultimate insult after watching city for 35 yrs! as for knowing nothing about football well thats wrong too, i am actually a youth coach and the one thing we try to encourage at youth level is to be a team player not a one man band. i hope i am proved wrong about hux keeping us up because nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing us retain our place in the prem but sadly one man isnt gonna do it alone, what we need is 11 players playing together. city till i die never a blue!
  5. a creative midfielder as the only one we have is injured at present and someone who can score goals would be a good place to start!
  6. after watching saturday i feel huckerby is a liability that in our position we dont need. i think he is a great player when he puts his mind to it but is not a totally committed team player. the reasons for this are when he loses the ball he never tries to win it back as we saw on saturday with his hands on his hips moaning at others more than once and he is too greedy if someone else is in a better position he should pass instead of being a glory hunter all the time! i wish i knew how to accomodate him in our team as we need 2 strikers up front , maybe he would be better suited to playing wide but then he leaves us short defensively. i now this will stir up some people but we need to start winning now
  7. ho! Ho! Ho! lmao! you were so good the year you went up that the scum even beat you SIX one, and 3-1 at home! sounds like sour grapes m8 cos you disgraced yourselves so much in the prem last year with those idiots in la manga! at least our club wont be dragged into the gutter by our players! enjoy yourselves in the tin pot coca cola league ill laugh when your big mouthed words are rammed back down your throats and YOU dont win promotion. stick to posting on your own website and not on a premiership teams website!
  8. can anyone tell me if they are experiencing difficulty with this game? it seems no matter who you sign city never win, not like reality at all is that? anyone got any tips please? OTBC
  9. after all that huckerby said about coming to norwich and how his wife fell in love with norfolk why is he saying the terms are not enough? i think all of this has just been talk and he never really wanted to stay in the first place. the last week has made me sit and think that he could just be another prima donna out to make a fast buck even though he is a good player. i know some people will be up in arms about what i have said but you have to wonder about why he said the things he said in the first place. i think the money we were going to shell out on him would be better spent on another centre back and reserve keeper too.
  10. at the weekend huckerby was quoted as saying" if a deal could be done i would come back tomorrow!". well it appears a deal has been done but why hasnt he come back? was it just a case of trying to tell us what he thought we wanted to hear? can anyone provide the answer to this mystifying quote please?
  11. worthy must shake it up on saturday! out should go malky for shackell so he can bed in before malkys ban, mulryne for francis who has really gone off the boil lately, and harper for henderson because other than score he was clueless last night. as for the bench it is time to give roberts a break and put a defender on there or maybe sinclair even, does anyone agree?
  12. i think that to sign huckerby and possibly lose greeno would be a catastrophe. over the last 3 games huckerbys performances have got steadily worse and greeno just gets better and better! i know some might not agree but at times huckerby thinks he is the only player in a yellow shirt and should be less greedy and release the ball to players in better positions sometimes. he said he is desperate for a goal and at the moment it shows in that hes trying too much sometimes. as for if we lose greeno who will be the keeper? i hardly think that crichton is a good enough replacement. i think the money would be better used in getting harper and crouch to stay at the club and keep greeno too.
  13. why oh why did worthy change to 4-5-1 yesterday after a good result at west ham? it shows his naievety as a manager, he should have just changed rivers for huckerby and said go for it as they did on wednesday. he shows far too much respect to the opposition at times. the only good thing was he finally had a defender on the bench!
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