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  1. Susie, We''re always looking at fresh ideas at the Pink ''Un so drop me an e-mail and we''ll take it from there. Richard (richard.willner@archant.co.uk)
  2. It may be against the grain here, but I didn''t think West Brom were that over the top. Tough, yes, but then Huckerby''s got to expect to be tackled - teams aren''t going to come to Carrow Road and just watch him dribble past them. As far as I could see, Chambers mistimed one tackle - albeit what could have been a crucial one - and even that wasn''t malicious. Iwan''s arms and elbows were all over the place; Malky stamped a la Roy Keane on Johnson; and Svensson ruffled a few feathers. But that''s what I want to see. I don''t want to see Norwich rolling over for teams. West Brom knew they had to be tough - and Norwich matched them. A good, old fashioned hard game - there''s nowt wrong with that.
  3. I think some people are missing the point here. Roy Waller is cuddly, unique, welcoming etc - but he doesn''t let you know what''s going on at a match. The Coventry game away last season is a prime example. For quite some time, he kept telling us that Coventry were 2-0 ahead when a shot had actually gone into the side-netting. Thankfully, Neil Adams put him right. You don''t know which team is attacking and you have no idea what''s going on. Relying on Roy is a pointless exercise. He seems a nice bloke and it''s a shame to say it, but he really does have to go soon before he sends us all mad.
  4. Crikey, I really admire everyone''s optimism on here - and, damn, I hope you''re right. Green - yes; Edworthy - doubt it; Malky - no; Flem - just about; Drury - maybe; Rivers - no; Holt - no; Francis - yes; Mulryne - doubt it; Huckerby - yes; McKenzie - no but there is potential; Svensson - doubt it; Henderson - potential; Jarvis - potential; McVeigh - yes; Brennan - doubt it. I''m sorry but Gary Holt will be seriously found out in the Prem
  5. Saw him in WH Smith''s this lunchtime - so he must be coming here permanently
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