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  1. I would like to add to this string in terms of attitude on the pitch itself. I am happy with what is said off it within reason - thats all part of the game these days and the media hype that goes with it. There''s always pressure for another quote or comment. But on the pitch itself, I have to say that sometimes I think Hucks is his own worst enemy. He does seem to give the ref his view on everything, whether he was personally involved or not. Now I don''t know what he''s saying but I do think that constantly haranging the officials does no good - more likely it counts against you in marginal cases. Yes, the quiet dignifdied approach does work best -eg Holt, Drury, in fact most of the team. When something that is out of order happens then I believe the ref is far more likely to take note. Perhaps thats why Hucks frequently misses out on some good looking shouts including penalties.
  2. I believe the situation with Malky and Shackell - and Fleming, is similar to Huckerby/Svenssen and Mackenzie and Holt/Mulryne and Francis. There are three able contenders for two positions. With all men fit and available then its fairly obvious that NW will give Fleming the first defensive role, Holt the first midfield place and Huckerby the first forward position. I think we all know that. For midfield and attack I think its on record that the second position will go to the man in form but will also take account of who the opposition is - horses for courses. And I think we''ve already seen that as Nigel shuffles his pack. and Nigel famously said that players sometimes need a rest. Returning to Malky or Shackell, its tricky but the same philosophy should be applied. and we must invest in Shackell''s future by giving him selected opportunities. Yes Shackell had a fantastic game at Cardiff - but I for one thought Malky was the right selection for Ipswich - Malky v Kuqi(an old fashioned bustling centre forward) was absolutely correct - and so it proved. Malky at Goodison - same reason with Fergussen in mind. However, against lowly Nottm Forest at home, Shackell may well have been appropriate - and against Derby away. With a 5 point gap and with Bradford at home this week - nows a great time to give him the experience of another game. Give Malky a well earned rest, and keep him on the bench just in case
  3. I have only seen the home games first hand but can''t agree with all of your views. I would say that Holt is playing as well as anybody - seems nicely fired up this year, and you know that you''ll have total commitment. Same for Fleming - yes we know his distribution isn''t the best but in all other respects he''s not having a bad season to date and again you get 100%. Easton is another story. Whilst he''s had a reasonable start by his standards, and Worthy appears to have acknowledged that, its hard to say that he''s really pushing himself. I would play McVeigh everytime, he tries harder, is more energetic, is far more creative and can finish. Weakest player without doubt has to be Malky. Can''t fault his commitment but he''s not with it this year - in every match I''ve seen he has looked a liability. Has Worthy the bottle to drop him?
  4. I agree with this view. It would immediately give us four central defenders, with a breadth of youth and experience, all with different styles and capabilities who could be rotated to suit situations and opponents. There is also the question of cover - if we lost either of Fleming or Malky now we would be very exposed. and by having Brondby and the even younger Shackell, you''ve got the future sorted out at a stroke. I''m always concerned when we don''t even have a central defender sitting on the bench, which has been the case for the past fdew games.
  5. Looking back over the last two seasons and the beginning of this one, I wonder if NW''s choice of captain has always been sound - and if not is this contributing to some of our hiccups, especiually away from home where there isn''t the luxury of a full stadium of terrific city support. We have had Emblem (unfortunately rarely there), Iwan (wrong position on the field - and too nice!!), Malky (great during the run into the play offs) and now Drury. I''m not convinced that Adam, as good a player as he is, is in the best position on the field anyway - or has what it takes to really, really lead. Not yet. Perhaps thats why we occaisionally nod off near the end, or why Easton and Rivers occaisionally begin to falter, or why we sometimes appear to lack committment away from home. Or panic. I''m not sure who would be better but perhaps Gary Holt who positionally, is in the centre of the field, close to defence and attack, has the right never say die spirit and maturity, in years, to deal with the both old hands (Malky, Craig) and the younger guys (Henderson, Jarvis). He has been here now for a couple of seasons and must be well in tune with the backroom scene too. Any thoughts?
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