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  1. Interesting, although I should point out that if something is evident it is clear. So ''clearly evident'' is a bit over the top. Sarcasm aside, I love the canary, but I''m not averse to change. Let''s face it, fans seem to love shelling out for newly designed shirts on a regular basis. Personally I would just be interested to see any designs/enhancements that anyone might come up with, but if they don''t hit the button then I''m sure they wont change it anyway.
  2. Well, there''s a clever canary. An irrelevant sentance which makes no sense. Let me see now, because my avatar is a cartoon, I''m influenced by America ? A well constructed and intelligent point..........not 
  3. Thankfully not, I''m not easily influenced by America ,by guns or by computer games as I guess you might be to suggest something as banal as that.
  4. Fans usual reaction to change is negative but  we have all changed with the game over the last 20 years, so I wouldn''t be against changing the badge if it was a strong enough design. I''d like to see the badge ''toughened up'' to reflect the battling attitude and future direction of the club. I do think the canary at present is just tooo nice and too harmless.
  5. Wow, the efforts some people will go to support the self-perpetuating imbalance of footballing finance astounds me. Firstly even if there are enough mugs interested, the idea will eventually generate a similar amount of support from other well supported clubs, making any perceived advantage negligible over a longer period of time. While I understand the good intention, throwing more money at something that should already be giving more back to supporters,  is quite mis-guided. Although I''m sure some people are already smiling at the idea, but these are the people that will retire well before you and I.
  6. If anyone is interested in at least having designated ''standing areas'' then click on the link to read about it and sign a petition if you decide to. http://www.standupsitdown.co.uk/ It''s natural to want to stand up especially when things are really happening on the pitch and it keeps the atmosphere more consistant.
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