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  1. Makelele also never had to play for Norwich. Since we're throwing baseless stats around to crucify one player - Norwich have been the better team in 6 games this season: Leicester (H), Burnley (A), Wolves (H), Newcastle (A), Everton (H), Burnley (H) based on xG. Gilmour started 3 of the first 4 of those matches, no doubt would have started the last 2 as well if he'd been fit. I don't have much issue with the argument that Norwich built their season around being a team they quite clearly could never be, and that Gilmour and Chelsea have benefitted from the loan move far more than Norwich, but the rush to question the commitment and lay the blame for a season of being utterly dross at the feet of one player is embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the cringeworthy gossip-fest this thread turned into. Still, look forward to seeing Gilmour turn out for St Johnstone in a few years
  2. One of two deep lying players in a midfield 3, with 3 centre backs behind him. Gives him some licence to roam forward at times and he's been very unlucky not to score 1 or 2 for us, he strikes the ball very well from the edge of the box. More than happy to accept that Gilmour didn't start well for Norwich - albeit your fixture list at the start of the season was horrendous and I suspect a bit of the Gilmour criticism is reaction to the over the top Chelsea (and Scotland) hype. Ultimately though, Gilmour is a fantastically talented footballer and if Norwich can't adopt a system that can accommodate him then there has to be some question marks over the system. The deficiencies in his tackling and tracking are overblown in my view based on his Scotland performances (we've kept 6 clean sheets in 8 games he's started including Austria and England away and Denmark at home), his ball retention is absolutely superb and he can carry the ball forward too. I suspect as alluded to above however it may be that Gilmour is a guy that can lift a team with good players around him rather than dragging a team out of a relegation battle, but how many players could realistically do that?
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