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  1. That's completely true. There's talk on our forums of grassing people up to stewards, that's never been a way forward. And the people of that persuasion have probably never been to more of a hand full of matches. They don't live in the real world. The monkey noises didn't stop over night, although signing John Barnes played a big part. They certainly didn't stop because the Club, stewards or police told them to stop. They stopped because other regular match goers made their feelings known, and even then it took a while. But some people genuinely don't know it's homophobic. I know that, as I said I've sung it with genuine hatred of Chelsea, not thinking of it being homophobic. It takes a while to educate. Then there's the people who are homophobic and don't give a ****. We've even got some openly gay people who say there's nothing wrong with it. And as a straight person, it's challenging to tell a gay person they're being homophobic. So it's hard, but it'll disappear.
  2. I've being going since the 80s, the days when the Kop would make monkey noises to black players. Some have told me we used the rent boys chant back then, for purely homophobic reasons but I really don't remember it. And I went to Stamford Bridge a few times back then. I don't remember us singing it until the Abramovic era when we saw players prostituting themselves for more money. I joined in, I didn't see it as being homophobic. When Torres left for them, I remember singing it at Stamford Bridge with added venom. But there's no such thing as Club values anymore, and City are the new Chelsea. So it doesn't make sense. I'm not one of those who's too arsed about what other fans or Sky think about us. And I'm definetely not one of those, our fans are better than your fans sorts. To me, we've been told by a sizeable minority of our own fans - backed by a Supporters Union that I have a lot of respect for that it is homophobic. We're making some of our own fans uncomfortable, so it needs to stop. Whether there's homophobic intent or not, it needs to stop. Simple. And I trust it will. It won't go completely over night. But people will have words with each other and it'll fizzle out.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We started to make our way to the Castle, but ended up going to the Cathedral. Had a good walk about, went in and seen Dippy. I was a bit disappointed that I ended up sitting outside the ground with a bottle of coke each. Was hoping to sit them in a beer garden but they had their shirts on. But the people outside the pub could see it was ridiculous. I took them to a park, they had a good day. Thanks again. I thought you were a bit nervous first half, but started the second half well and looked like a decent team. Just got caught out, pushing up. Yers 'll do okay. Nice one for the help.
  4. Was that the one where Hugh Cornwell and the roadies spanked someone on stage? I remember him sticking a banana up someones **** for spitting as well, I think. Got a feeling that was in France or somewhere though.
  5. Just stop off at your sorting office before your five hour treck. **** me, sometimes I wish I was a blue. Well, maybe not a blue but something else.
  6. Happens to me all the time. Kick off times all over the place, welcome back to the Premier League. Tickets arrived today, so got the full four hours. Unlike most other. Just a heads up there's going to be a lot of angry Scousers at the ticket office. Angry at our own club (again), but some no doubt will misdirect their anger...... """Dear Supporter, We have become aware of a delay regarding delivery of our Norwich City away tickets. We can confirm that all tickets were sent starting from the end of last week using first class delivery and you should have received them by now. We have however been informed that some areas of the Royal Mail network may have been impacted by COVID and that some tickets are currently sat in local sorting offices. If you have not received your ticket we would strongly recommend that you visit your sorting office to check if the tickets are there for you. If you do not have them in time for your visit to Norwich, please email the club via ticketing.services@liverpoolfc.com as soon as possible so we can organise a duplicate ticket for you to collect at Norwich City FC ticket office. Please note any emails sent to this inbox, that are not related to Norwich away will not be responded to. Alternatively, you can contact our SLO line on 0151 230 5770 from 1.30pm on Saturday 14th August 2021 to request a duplicate ticket. We apologise for any inconvenience to you, Best regards, Ticketing" **** heads.
  7. The Pen & Wig was once a trendy wine bar. They soon realised we're not into trendy wine bars and turned it into scally heaven. Been closed down now. I'd be highly surprised if the Wig & Pen had anything but the name in common with the Pen & Wig.
  8. Think it's been closed now, come to think of it. Can't think why.
  9. Too classy for me. Try the Pen & Wig if you go to Anfield.
  10. Train gets in at about 13:30 so got about four hours before kick off. But with our ticket office being as **** as usual, I expect we'll end up having to get duplicates from the ticket office, so about three hours. Should be enough time to have a walk around the Cathedral area or take them on this dinosaur thing shouldn't it? It is tempting to meet up with a few old faces and leave them in a beer garden with a coke each though. Nah, can't do that, they eat and drink enough **** as it is, they need to get some exercise. I'll make them jog it.
  11. Most of our lot are left wing, some quite extreme left. Some would say I'm extreme left, but I'm not. Anyway that's beside the point. Our lot see booing it as a right wing thing to do, and it's against 'our rules' to be right wing. That's probably besides the point, too. I thinks what I'm trying to say is that I've never had a sensible discussion with somebody who has something against it. And I don't understand why some do have something against it. It's something I just don't get. Anyway, it's your forum and I'm just a guest. And on Saturday I'll be a guest in your city and at your ground so if any of you do want to boo your own players for something that I'm not understanding properly, then who am I to judge? But if you would boo your own player for taking the knee, would you mind explaining the reason? I'm not intending to get on a moral high horse, or get into a political debate. It's just something I'm trying to get my head around.
  12. Forgot about the grass bank. It was great to sit off there in the sun, I always seemed to bump into lads I knew back from school who I'd never seen for ages. The atmosphere was crap though as soon as they put the seats in. Not a big fan of new Wembley. Even when we played Everton in the cup semi, it felt hollow. Maybe that's more to do with the FA destroying the Cup though. In the modern era, the atmosphere was always better when they played the final at Cardiff. Then again, the semi's were still at neutral grounds and the FA hadn't finished their job of completely degrading the FA Cup. But 85 must have been brilliant, especially as Ipswich had been to Wembley quite a bit, in the few years before it.
  13. Did you go the 85 League Cup Final? That must have been a good one. Used to love Wembley when they had the two tiers of terracing, although the swaying in the upper tier was scary, with the massive steps.
  14. Thanks for that, some good suggestions that'll keep the kids happy. It's been a crap year for all kids and want them to have a good day, win or lose. As for the above, we have a lot like that. Most from the home counties, fans manufactured from FSG's global LFC FAM# (cringe). I think most Scousers are humble, salt of the earth. But then us reds have that Shanklyism built into us where the opposition are ****e whether it's Gillingham, Southend, Real Madrid or Barcalona. That mind set is more at the match though, rather than in the pub, where we tend to act more like normal humans. But that's where the global LFC FAM# (cringe) go wrong. They think they have to be like us then get it badly wrong. Even over stuff like Hillsborough, where Everton get it more than most of our fans. The global LFC Fam# (cringe) try too hard. But thanks for the kind words and advice on your City. Looking forward to a good day out.
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