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  1. Like I thought probably out of our price range then,we like most championship clubs are struggling financially. I said at the start of the season I thought you would go straight back up and have certainly not changed my mind on that. Massive suprise to see us in the top 8,I dont think any of us expected that,nice not to be struggling for points at the bottom. Good luck and take good care of Ben,he'll be our manager one day
  2. Heard a rumour Boro might be in for him on loan, from what I can remember he was outstanding in your promotion season and would have thought he would be well out of our reach. Nice to see the canaries flying high and especially good to see Ben Gibson back playing again,still a massive favourite on Teesside is Ben. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  3. As a Boro fan I would snap your arm off for a point,Warnock has had the team over performing massively this season,but I can't see past an away win against arguably the best team in the league. Good luck for the season just not tomorrow
  4. Magnificent footballer and leader,you are very lucky to have him.
  5. In response to Boro being in the mix next season ,we stayed up on the final day and have since lost 10 players and have signed only 1. Without signings midtable would be wildly optimistic. The longer you are out of the Premier league the harder it is to get back,we gambled big time and failed at the first attempt, i think Norwich will be the team everyone has to finish above.
  6. I was there that day, AJT is certainly not representing our fan base with his comments, his rant at Elland Road was comedy gold to be fair.
  7. Hugill tried his best but ultimately was poor for us,he played like he was wearing a pair of wellies,he had a good season last year including a cracker at the Riverside so hopefully he continues that form for you. Good lad all the same
  8. We have literally wasted a year having the village idiot managing our club, now we've got a proper manager in charge optimism is creeping back in,with some decent signings the aim would be top 10,not a cat in hells chance of top 2 with current squad.
  9. Any club that finishes above Norwich this season will be promoted in my opinion, very well run club with an excellent manager who looks to have made some very good signings. I see Norwich and my club as very similar, well run clubs with with a very strong family feel and strong sense of community. The hardest thing for me as a supporter is not being able to go to matches, as a season ticket holder of over 40 years, going to the match is part and parcel of every day existence. The sooner we can find an effective vaccine and get back to normality the better, crazy, crazy times we are living in.
  10. Ben had spent his career dreaming of playing in the Premier league with Boro and ultimately playing for his country,when we got there he was comfortably our best player and took to the Premier league like a duck to water so much so he was rightly called into the England squad. After relegation the whole squad suffered a massive hangover and the new manager Monk tried to make too many changes too soon,whilst Ben continued to give everything, his form dipped for the first time and understandably his head was turned from being in the England squad to being back in the championship.
  11. Thought I would wish you luck for the new season apart from when you play us and give you the lowdown on your new signing. Ben Gibson was absolutely superb for Boro,he is an out and out defender who leads by example and gives everything on the pitch. He was our stand out player when we were in the Premier league and we all expected he would end up at a top 6 club when we were relegated, Ben paid the price for being too loyal the following season and his form dipped. His move to Burnley was a disaster for a lad who likes nothing more than playing and I have no doubts whatsoever that once he's regained his match sharpness there will not be a better defender in the championship. I just like all Boro fans wish we could have afforded his return.
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