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  1. What a great day! I was driving back from staying with friends in Middlesex that lunch time and purposely avoided listening to five live so I could watch the Soccer Sunday programme I was recording at home! Got to my sister''s in Brentwood at 2pm to drop off some pressies, to be greeted with the words "Do you want to know the score?" Guessed it had to be good news by the huge grin on her face! Had a similar smile on my face all the way up the A12! Got to the huge roundabout where the A12 meets the A14, to get stopped from going round by 2 police motor cyclists. Not happy as all I want to do is get home and watch the game, when around the roundabout comes the Norwich City team bus. By now, I''m not only grinning like an idiot, but cheering as well as it comes past! Will enjoy this anniversary if Wigan make sure they stay at the top of the league this evening! Maybe Matt Jackson would like to score the winning goal!
  2. It was a great game! I particularly remember Hucks''s solo effort, running from about the half-way line and scoring in front of the River End where I was sitting! The man sitting behind us kept repeating that he couldn''t understand how Hucks was being allowed to leave! But he was a fantastic Christmas present! Things just got better and better from then on, let''s hope that this season continues to improve in the same way and we can keep clear of the bottom 3! Just think, whatever happens at the weekend, we WON''T be bottom at Christmas and you know what they say about the team that is! 
  3. After sitting amongst the Charlton fans last weekend, me and my sister knew we had to wear the red underwear! AND IT WORKED!! A MUCH better game by the boys, even though we were 60 miles away and listening to the Radio! What a pleasure watching MOTD last night! And reading this morning''s papers. Keep wearing the red pants!
  4. DDim and susie b. thanks for those great songs! They really made me smile and I needed something to make me smile having watched the Charlton game sat amongst the Charlton fans! How about words to the old Wham favourite ''Last Christmas''? How wonderful was last Christmas? I''m talking about the excitement of Hucks, not George and Andrew circa 1983!
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