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  1. I''m also going to go for a home win for Peterborough v. Stockport. Good Luck, Norfolkchance1!  
  2. This is the first opportunity I''ve had to check ~ great work Blah and all other pickers! [:D]
  3. It''s been difficult to find a pick this week, but will go for a home win for Burnley v. QPR. Burnley are W11 D5 L4 F36 A23 at home and QPR are W3 D9 L8 F13 A21 away. Good Luck, Blahblahblah!
  4. [quote user="JimRoyle"]As I said in an earlier post, I''m normally philosophical about poor refereeing decisions against us because they usually even themselves out. But this season has been unbelievable - in the last few weeks in particular we seem to have had one against us in almost every game. I really think fate owes us a dodgy last minute penalty! [/quote] I''m also hoping that fate owes us a couple of favours too! If only the 2 refs for our last 2 games had been in charge of the other fixture, we could be 4 points better off! [;)]  
  5. I''m going for a home win for Cowdenbeath v. Elgin in Scots Div 3. Good Luck, Monkey Trousers!  
  6. I''m sticking with Blue Square Prem and a home win for Burton Albion v. Grays Athletic. Burton are W13 D4 L1 F40 A19 at home and Grays are W2 D5 L13 F12 A32 away. Good Luck, Inch High!    
  7. I''m off to League 2 and a home win for Bury v. Chester. Bury are W10 D3 L5 F28 A17 at home and Chester are W2 D4 L13 F13 A43. I know this league can be dodgy, but Bury should be too good for Chester! Good Luck, DDD!  
  8. Blue Square Prem for me this week and a home win for Cambridge United v. Northwich Victoria. Cambridge are W12 D5 L2 F28 A12 at home and Northwich are W2 D5 L12 F22 A42 away. Good Luck, Yankee Canary!  
  9. I''m off to Scots Div 2 and a home win for Ayr v. Stranraer. Ayr are W8 D4 L0 F26 A13 at home and Stranraer are W1 D3 L8 F14 A27 away. Ayr beat Stranraer 3-2 at home earlier this season! Good Luck, Jim!  
  10. Also going to go for a home win for Swansea v. Charlton. Good Luck, Leeds Canary!  
  11. Would also go for Rosario''s v. Southampton and Huckerby''s v. Cardiff. Two great but very different goals. I also enjoyed Svensson''s v. Charlton at home in the Prem season. Not a spectacular goal, but having sat through the excruciating 4-0 loss at Charlton earlier in the season, that was a very welcome goal. Just loved his reaction to scoring it too!  
  12. Got to agree with Beauseant. A home home win for Man Utd v. Blackburn. Good Luck, MacD''s Perm!    
  13. I''ve decided to brave League 2 and am going for a home win for Brentford v. Port Vale. Brentford are W8 D5 L1 F25 A8 at home and Port Vale are W4 D2 L8 F15 A21 away. A good recent home record v. a poor recent away one ~ Brentford should be too strong for Port Vale! Good Luck, Shack Attack!  
  14. I am going for a home win for Tranmere v. Leyton Orient. Tranmere are W10 D1 L3 F28 A15 at home and Orient are W4 D4 L7 F12 A19 away. Good Luck, New York Canary!  
  15. I''ll try the Blue Square Prem again, and a home win for Oxford Utd v. Lewes. Oxford are W10 D3 L2 F28 A13 at home and Lewes are W1 D4 L9 F8 A26 away. Good Luck, Lucky Green Trainers!  
  16. The Original Yellow Fever wrote: Nice to see Gary Holt still in Norfolk. Just saw him in Budgens in Acle. Doesn''t he realise the place to be seen in is Asda?  
  17. Were all my favourites at various times over the years!                           Gunn Culverhouse   Watson   Newsome   Bowen Barham   Crook   Phelan   Huckerby              Drinkell      Roberts
  18. I''m off to the Blue Square Prem and a home win for Histon v. Grays. Histon are W8 D3 L1 F20 A10 at home and Grays are W2 D1 L10 F5 A18 away. Grays have apparently seen some improvement in the last few weeks but Histon beat them away 4-1 at the end of Dec. Good Luck, Canary Ryan!  
  19.   Camuldonum wrote: ''Just a thought for NN to ponder: might it be a good idea to rename this The Arrdee Free Bet Thread which would, of course, perpetuate his name.'' Would also add my support to this idea. It feels very strange doing the Free Bet knowing that Arrdee isn''t here to keep a watchful eye on us all. This week I''m off to Scotland. A home win for Raith v. Stranraer. Raith are W7 D3 L0 F21 A9 at home and Stranraer are W1 D2 L6 F12 A23 away. Good Luck, Pboro!    
  20. [:D] That''s the news I was hoping for! Will worry about what happens next tomorrow!  
  21. Also agree with a home win for Scunthorpe v. Hereford. Scunthorpe are W2 D3 L1 in their last 6 home league games. Hereford are W1 D0 L5 in their last 6 away league games. Good Luck, Shaun!  
  22. Happy New Year Arrdee, Nutty and all Pickers! [<:o)] I''m staying well away from the Cup as you just never know where there''ll be an upset . . . So off to the Welsh Premier League and going for a home win for The New Saints FC v. Newi Cefn Druids. TNS are W8 D0 L1 F25 A7 at home and NCD are W3 D2 L4 F22 A25 away. Good Luck, Mr. Bump!  
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