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  1. I don't want a big name manufacturer. I don't mind Errea as I think their designs have largely been very good, but I'm not indelibly hitched to the idea of them being the supplier. I do want a manufacturer that makes bespoke designs for us though.

    Hummel have been very creative with their kit for minor US side Forward Madison. I suspect most on here won't be fans of that effort, but I quite like it.


  2. 30 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Now we've got claims he's edited his old blog to make it look like he predicted an outbreak like this. Bizarre man. 

    Think it's more than "claims" buddy - there is absolute evidence he doctored them.  The same day he returned from his jolly up to Durham in fact.


  3. 22 minutes ago, DraytonBoy said:

    The way I see it is that for the teams in both the PL and the Championship who need positive results this is a fresh start in a mini league, City begin on -6 whereas Leeds are on +7 and with only nine games to play after a three month break there can be no excuse for being tired.

    Why would Leeds start on +7 and we'd start on -6? We've been playing Man City and Liverpool whilst they've been playing Luton and Hull.

    If it's a mini-league then everyone starts on zero, and the best team wins.

  4. 54 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    I have resisted becoming active in the Labour Party because I have done my share in the past. But now, I will do everything I can to attend local meetings (obviously its OK to go to them now) and do what I can to oust this complete and utter sihthead.

    I just emailed my (utter ****head) of a Tory MP saying that if he fails to condemn this then I will actively work to make sure he's never elected here again as I want an MP with a spine, not one who works on what is politically convenient.

  5. Just now, Monty13 said:

    Think that’s wishful thinking personally kio, public have super short memories.

    Once it leaves the 24 hour news cycle it’s gone. 

    There will be more to come. I don't think this will be the end of Cummings in the news cycle. Boris backing this particular horse will be disastrous if any of the journos do dig up anything on Cummings (as I think they probably will). Especially if it turns out the Mirror or whoever have got more on this particular story.

  6. Just now, ......and Smith must score. said:

    I still fancy your bet to pay out Ricardo.

    There's bound to be a huge backlash over this rather predictable development and I'm sure the media will be busy digging around for other stuff to pin on Cummings.


    I would wager they'll find something if they look hard enough - I'd be pretty confident he has skeletons in the closet. He may have covered his tracks well but dig hard enough and he will come unstuck somewhere for something

  7. 1 hour ago, Mark .Y. said:

    I stand to be corrected, but I don't think any of those three countries has an advanced test/track/isolate system in place and, if that is the case, they are hardly likely to demand it of us.

    Greece are controlling it at the airports - they don't need track and trace because they dealt with it swiftly and responsibly. Quarantine on arrival until a test has proven you're clear of Covid. I outlined their system a page or two back. That's why they had less cases and less deaths during the entire pandemic, than we had yesterday. They've had a decade of financial crisis and their healthcare system is very low capacity. An outbreak would be a disaster so doubt they'll take any risks with who they let in.

    Not sure on Italy and Spain's track and trace, but Turkey have an incredibly well developed system from decades of doing it for measles outbreaks. They just had a clip about it on BBC news - they have 1200 teams (of 2) on the streets of Istanbul track and tracing daily. Residents call up if they have symptoms and they have track and trace team out to test them on the doorstep within 24 hours.

  8. 20 minutes ago, How I Wrote Elastic Man said:

    Iceland is down to 3 active cases, and they are planning on easing restrictions in June. They are looking at testing visitors on arrival

    Greece immediately implemented mandatory quarantine for 24 hours for all visitors/residents on incoming flights - 24 hours were whilst test results were processed, and the government organised the hotels for that quarantine to take place en masse I believe. £5000 fine for breaking that quarantine period - If you had the virus I think they imposed further quarantine (but not sure on that). 

    The result is that in a population of around 11 million (of which large proportions are elderley - around 25% are pensionable age), they've had 170 deaths (16 deaths per million compared to 551 in the UK) and less than 3000 cases. We had more deaths yesterday than they have in the entire pandemic. We had more cases yesterday than they've had in the entire pandemic. 

    Lots of factors go into that, lifestyle, density of population etc, but it makes a mockery of those who think Boris and co are doing a good job.

    They're open for summer tourist season but not to countries where the virus is still not under control so suspect UK tourists won't be welcome.

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  9. 43 minutes ago, Crabbycanary3 said:

    Same here Kio. One of my best mates , is a Leeds fan, and a top man. I have had one particularly memorable 'social' weekend there, which has generated more stories over that 3 day period than most in my life. 

    The thing is, Leeds know this is the last chance for them to get to the PL (Promised Land?) because they know their manager and 'star' players won't be in the Championship for next season and because it is looking shaky atm, they think the whole World is against them (yawn) and it's everyone else's fault. Tedious .

    Yep agree on the tedium of Leeds the club.

    My last night out before lockdown was in Leeds - Embrace gig and then Stone Roses bar afterwards. Was a quality night.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Crabbycanary3 said:

    What a bizarre thing to say in all this.

    What you fail to understand crabby is that Leeds are the only club in the country who has had their players on personalized fitness and nutrition programmed... every other club just gave up and started force feeding their multi million pound players donuts and takeaways...

    I like Leeds as a place, great city and generally decent people.

    this guy however is total tunnel vision delusional. He’s come on another clubs message board on a wind up with an inflated ego that makes him think any of us give a toss, yet isn’t very good at being a wind up merchant and ends up giving up on that and spouting unsubstantiated ****e about his club.


  11. 25 minutes ago, ricardo said:

    Some people have been complaining for weeks that the instructions aren't clear so I wonder what has now brought this sudden clarityūüėČ

    Well the ardent BoJo diehards have been assuring us that everything is perfectly clear and entirely black and white.... one would presume that Cummings would be clear on the guidance seeing as he's essentially puppet master, and at the time, the guidance was clearly "Stay at home, save lives"... his wife's sister apparently lives two streets away in London for what that's worth.

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