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  1. Yeah, the fans were absolutely brilliant throughout and really lifted the team at the beginning of the second half. Also a mention for Roger Munby for coming into the away end at the end of the game to thank us all for coming such a long way. Fantastic day to live long in the memory!
  2. Can anyone tell me why we only got 2300 or thereabouts for the Sunderland game? If Crewe can give us 2200 when ground only holds around 10000, why can''t Sunderland give us more when their stadium holds 48000? Is it because they thought they could sell out the home sections or because they didn''t want too much support for us? Is there a chance they''ll allocate some more when it gets nearer the time of the rearranged fixture? Living in North Herts, I have booked the day of the game and the following day off work, in the hope that they do.
  3. Hooray for you! I''ve only got 5, boo hoo for me! Apparently, Crewe aren''t too fussy about who they sell tickets to. I''ve got friends in Cannock and Macclesfield, so am gonna try and get one/some in other parts of the ground if necessary!
  4. Just seen that we have only got 2200 tickets for the Crewe game. This is never gonna be enough to meet demand, I for one have no chance of getting a ticket. I reckon only away season ticket holders and season ticket holders with 10 away stubs will be OK. I hope we have got promotion/title wrapped up well before then, preferably at Watford!
  5. ...waiting to get through to the box office, reading the messages on here. I sense a collective holding of breath. I think we all get nervous after a defeat, (Cardiff and on Saturday), but a win against Stoke at the weekend and everyone will feel a whole lot better, won''t they? At half-time on Tuesday night I was very down, but, by full-time, everything was OK again. If we continue our form of the last 4 games, (win, lose, win lose), over the remaining games that would probably still be enough. Even if we won 5 and lost 4 of our last 9 games that would give us 85 points, with the average needed to be promoted about 84, I think we''d OK. Even 82 might be enough. Looking at the Stoke game, I know they are a form team, but, this may well work in our favour as they will come looking for the points to help them get in the play-offs, meaning the game will be more open, hopefully giving Huckerby and others more space. I hope Drury is fit come Saturday as Shackell, as good a young prospect as he is, had a shocker on Saturday. As others have said many a time before...keep the faith.
  6. Hucks definately does drive a silver subaru, and I too could tell you what his personalised number plate is as I passed him getting into it in the car park of the Nelson hotel after the Cardiff game last Saturday. The Nelson is also where he has been staying since he''s been in Norwich, I could even tell you what his room number was, if you like.
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