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  1. Ring Keith if interested 01603 466325 Cheers Keith
  2. Should be a couple of thousand i reckon and most of plastic reds will be watching ''champions of boredom'' at home.
  3. nice one harry, great day - thanks for your kind words everybody Cheers Keith
  4. Harry all go - looks like us two, sorry  - any latecomers ring 01603 466325 go on... you know you want to
  5. I am out most of the day - but please leave a message on the answer machine at the above home number.
  6. Got spare seat in car, if interested. Phone Keith on 01603 729802 (work) or 466325 home after 5 pm.
  7. sounds great!!! still going - even though i never like friendly''s - sure there will be 6,000 or so.
  8. they have west ham saturday, us on tuesday - are zaragoza likely to be weaker for west spam and even so do ''real'' have any stars anyway, just wondered,,,
  9. i was wrong - very good crowd against PNE - more than it looked on line. I think the casual prices are too much really, but it is about making season tickets and to an extent super memberships value for money. I wonder how many renewed their season tickets for the lounges where the prices have risen heavily?
  10. quite a lot of tickets available, grade b, start of run in I''m quite surprised
  11. Anyone got a spare ticket would like to go, if possible, cheers
  12. i have a wheelchair escort ticket for saturday it costs £8.75, drawback in the home family enclosure - but thought it might help someome skint and bit of company for me (god that sounded sad!!) Ring 01603 466325. Ps if anyone knows a Blade happy to help out them if necessary
  13. last minute decision - any ideas to save cash
  14. your right, didn''t know it had been moved. Cheers Keith
  15. don''t worry herman didn''t worry me - just some people could get offended, (not everyone likes the inbetweeners, just most people! Spoke to TFL i''m going to get off at Stratford, go to Westminster, then on to Hamersmith bus station where I will get a 283 to White City, same journey back, now any suggestions of good real ale in Westminister or Hammersmith, don''t fancy White City, police, home fans only etc.
  16. Wonder if anyone can help, genuine spaz there!  Been advised with my wheelchair to get of at Stratford get Jubilee line to London Bridge, Waterloo or Westminster as there is very limited wheelchair accessibility and then get a bus to Shepherds Bush from one of those places.  It sounds very long winded and probably will be.  I have train and tube tickets that cover upto Zone 3, any ideas?  Green Park was mentioned as a possible. On the way back I can apparently go straight from Wood Lane to Liverpool Street station.  Thanks for any help.
  17. Many tickets given to kids schools, thousands I''d guess.. so many 100''s will be returned on the day or unused so.  So I''m sure its worth ringing the club, tomorrow or Friday - or popping down on the night
  18. My plans have fallen apart!  Don''t have a driver now - I am a wheelchair user can''t drive unfortunately - would love to go but need a lot of luck now, if you can help please ring my home number and I will return your call.  01603 466325.  Many thanks for your time. Keith
  19. There must be two people out there - with city on their glorious roll! Any takers ring my work as soon as possible on 01603 729802
  20. Space in car for two people - travelling from Norwich - ring me after 9 am if interested on 01603 729802 cheers Keith
  21. Aggrieved - I do understand - but £29 season tickets cannot continue because the club is losing millions - yet fans of all clubs demand success. Sadly some fans will miss out - but what choice do the club have? 
  22. Evil Monkey you and others miss the point, life is about priorities, so if you opt out of going to football its your decision alone.  For the record I quite admire people you saved their pennies and scraped together enough wonga to go, that''s life.  Your right  to blame Murdoch, I would add greedy players and agents to that.  What choice does Norwich have but to put the prices up.  I support the club on this issue becase that gives us a chance to progress as a club at long last - after years of Chase, Delia and Doncaster with their ''little Norwich mentality.
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